Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss Cacharel Eau de Toilette

Cacharel and love games

Sign of declaration of love symbolized by a bright red rose, “Amor Amor” is a fragrance of love and desire. In 2011, “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” was born and signed a new chapter in a romantic romance. More intense than its elder “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” is also more daring and much more sensual.

Cacharel and love games

The love story begins in 2003 with “Amor Amor”. A magnificent declaration of love contained in a case of flamboyant red glass. Perfume of lovers par excellence “Amor Amor” is full of ardor and passion. With “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss”, Cacharel continues in his line of love and passion. More intense, “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” describes the games of forbidden love … Intense love, temptation, great thrill, “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” a statement that is inscribed on the skin. The magic of love operates here with more intensity than its predecessor. Mysterious, “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” describes a love story between a “bad boy” and a rebellious heroine. “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” completely mocks conventions and does not respond to any rule, except that of passion!

The gourmet floral notes of Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss

It is Nathalie Lorson, talented perfumer, who is at the origin of this sensual and intoxicating juice. “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” begins with extremely sparkling citrus notes thanks to the association of grapefruit and mandarin. The heart is filled with flowers of peony and frangipani, which gives the composition softness and sensuality. The full-bodied coffee brings its spicy notes and combines with vanilla for a more bewitching effect. Rose berries and white musks sublimate the whole. On the bottle side, that of “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” looks like its predecessor. Its slightly curved shape remains very feminine. This time, it is adorned with a shiny black, as if to better break the rules of the forbidden. “Forbidden Kiss” which means “Forbidden Kiss” is an intense fragrance,

Cacharel’s love story continues with “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss”. Love more intense than in “Amor Amor”, but love with a forbidden. Here are mixed passion, love, temptation, forbidden in an exceptional juice. With “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss”, Cacharel signs and affirms his attachment to loving and passionate feelings.



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