Amor Amor in a Flash Cacharel Eau de Toilette

Cacharel’s love story

It must be said, Cacharel likes to innovate on the theme of love. After “Amor Amor” in 2003, “Amor Amor Absolu” in 2010, “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss” in 2011, the brand unveils “Amor Amor In a Flash” in 2013… This last part of Cacharel’s passionate saga tells the story of the sensation from the first kiss and all the sensations that go with it… What to dream of!

Cacharel’s love story

The very first part of this saga was therefore “Amor Amor” which saw the light of day in 2003. It tells the story of love at first sight, love is then dazzling and passionate . In 2010, “Amor Amor Absolu”, for all those who believe in eternal love. In 2011, Cacharel presented “Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss”. Here, the kiss and forbidden games take precedence in this ultra gourmet composition. Finally, the saga continues with “Amor Amor In a Flash”. The latter evokes the first glance, the first kiss. “Amor Amor In a Flash” is ultra greedy and it immediately turns into a candy apple. The young woman of “Amor Amor In a Flash” is passionate, spontaneous and above all sparkling.

Amor Amor In a Flash, fruity-floral fragrances

The composition of “Amor Amor In a Flash” is essentially based on the harmonious mixture of fruits and flowers. So that the gluttony is at its peak, a few ingredients such as apple or caramel have been added … “Amor Amor In a Flash” opens with fruity notes of apple and apricot. The heart becomes delicate thanks to the jasmine petals, and gives the composition its flowery side. The sensuality of jasmine then mixes with the spicy aspect of cinnamon. The base is greedy and ultra sweet with caramel. The sandalwood warmly envelops everything. “Amor Amor In a Flash” is a gourmet fruity and flowery fragrance, a concentrate of desire that we like to unpin like a pomegranate that contains great love. The cap of the bottle is indeed explosive. It nevertheless uses the same style as that of its elders, in particular the same sensual curves. This time, the bottle is adorned with the color pink, with a heart printed in gray.

Cacharel takes us back to the world of love, passion, kiss, love at first sight. The saga continues with “Amor Amor In a Flash”. Gourmet at will, this composition is that of the first kiss, the first love at first sight. An astonishing, sparkling and intoxicating juice that makes you want to fall in love …

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