Armani Code Femme Eau de Parfum Armani

The enigmatic aspect of Armani Code Femme

This juice appeared in 2006 and it has been more than 10 years since he released his addiction wherever he went. This is like a concentrate of passion and mystery, the spell of which is further reinforced by an absolutely sublime bottle.

The enigmatic aspect of Armani Code Femme

Armani Code Femme is an initiatory fragrance, both seductive and bewitching. It is a juice sewn of mystery, essence of femininity retracing an invisible link between the world of Armani perfumery and its couture sector. Moreover, this bridge between these two worlds is clearly defined in its sublimated lace bottle. Armani Code Femme displays a timeless elegance associated with a sophisticated trail. Perfume of seduction, it plays in the register of sensuality. He would appear almost like some sort of magic elixir, a mysterious love filter. Giorgio Armani’s ambition was then, through him, to pay tribute to the magnetic power of women. Armani Code Femme is a perfume that is gradually revealed and whose flavor is both precious and disturbing. This one is stitched with multiple contrasts, as suggested by the gradient on its glass. He is both light and darkness, discretion and charisma. That only makes it more fascinating. Armani Code Femme is much more than a perfume. It is a kind of course of action for women wanting to endow themselves with unparalleled magnetism. The least we can say is that the Armani Code Femme perfume is not intended to go unnoticed. You have been warned, it is a weapon of massive seduction designed to panic men! unparalleled magnetism. The least we can say is that the Armani Code Femme perfume is not intended to go unnoticed. You have been warned, it is a weapon of massive seduction designed to panic men! unparalleled magnetism. The least we can say is that the Armani Code Femme perfume is not intended to go unnoticed. You have been warned, it is a weapon of massive seduction designed to panic men!

The carnal sensuality imagined by Armani

It is the perfumers Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Olivier Polge who are at the origin of the creation of Armani Code Femme. This fragrance embodies the quintessence of femininity. It begins with a very luminous accord based on orange blossom. Thus, it is at the same time a tribute to the Mediterranean culture of the Armani house. The freshness of Armani Code Femme is also enhanced by the presence of citrus fruits. Oranges from Côte d’Ivoire and Italy, more bitter, here express a typically Italian freshness. Then, the sambac jasmine from India, a sophisticated, radiant and feminine flower, marks a sort of bridge between the dazzling lights of Armani Code Femme and its darker and enigmatic background. There, the orange blossom is worked in a more velvety and mellow way. It is associated with vanilla from Madagascar as well as a hint of honey. The whole is absolutely addicting, gourmet and carnal at the same time. Armani Code Femme is then contained in a beautiful bottle. This one is similar to a totem pole. For the occasion, he donned a sapphire-colored blue dress. It is based on an elegant gradient further enhanced with black lace. Undoubtedly, Armani Code Femme plunges us into a game of nocturnal seduction.

In 2004, the Armani perfume house had already offered us the oriental and spicy scents of Armani Code pour Homme, the beautiful nocturnal seducer. In 2006, a trio of famous IFF perfumers developed for the Armani house its beautiful version for women, Armani Code Femme. Like her male alter ego, she will not hesitate to play with the lights to better captivate us.

< h2> Armani Code Femme and its three designers Dominique Ropion, Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim.

The house of Armani likes to offer us great perfumes, moreover, perfumes that will be composed by virtuosos of the “mouillette”. To create Armani Code Homme in 2004, Armani turned to the great perfumers Antoine Lie and Antoine Maisondieu. True success in perfumery, Armani continued to address the big names in creation.

Thus, in 2006, Armani Code pour Femme was composed by Dominique Ropion, Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim. Together, the three men are at the head of a multitude of scented bestsellers. For Dominique Ropion, let us quote Amor Amor, Alien or even Very Irresistible. As for Olivier Polge, he is at the head of the creations of Flowerbomb, Dior Homme and of course all of the Chanel perfumes released since 2013 since he has become their exclusive nose. Finally for Carlos Benaim, the painter of sunny memories, let us quote the names of Polo, Polo Blue, Premier Jour, Pure Poison and many others …

Each of them therefore brought to this magnificent chiaroscuro Armani Code Femme chords as luminous as they are nocturnal. By working on orange blossom for example, Carlos Benaim was able to show off this delicate opulence linked to memory in order to create a radiant light for this Armani Code woman.

“Orange blossom evokes more than all my childhood in Tangier: trees in bloom, perfuming & nbsp; the & nbsp; city ​​& nbsp; whole; its water with which the guests were sprinkled during feasts; and the flavor of its candied petals, the letuario de Azahar, as well as the sweet orange jams that are always prepared in spring. So it is the splendor of orange blossom that inspired me to Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. “& Nbsp; Carlos Benaim for Armani Code Femme.

The flower woman between shadows and lights of Armani Code Femme

Like the vast majority of Armani fragrances, Armani Code Femme naturally pays tribute to Italian lands of Giorgio Armani. Of course, the beautiful Armani Code Femme is also a powerful elixir which is intended to be offered to women as strong as they are fragile, to contrasted and fulfilled women who assume their part of light as well as their part of shadow.

The light of Armani Code Femme is of course brought first by the sparkling notes of citrus and ginger. But it is the sambac jasmines and the orange blossoms from Tunisia that particularly envelop this Armani Code Femme with an opulent and warm light.

As for the shadows and the nocturnal facets, they are of course highlighted by the luscious and sensual depths of Madagascan vanilla, sandalwood and honey.

“ The contrast of light and shadow played by the flowers reflects the play of mystery and seduction of the female character as sensual and glamorous as fatal and irresistible. “Armani for Armani Code Woman.



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