Armani Mania Eau de Parfum Woman Armani

The feminine fragrance Armani Mania for Women

Armani Mania pour Homme will renew the genre by offering these gentlemen a scent as fresh as it is racy, which will quickly meet its sweet bride, Armani mania for Women, who will be as charming as they are sparkling. An Armani Mania cut that will not go unnoticed once again …

When Monsieur Armani Mania meets his alter ego Armani Mania for Women

The haute-couture house of Giorgio Armani is particularly distinguished by the sophistication of its cuts and the elegance of its models. The same goes for its perfumes, such as the cult Aqua di Gio which exudes both the charm of the Italy dreamed of by the master and the woody sensuality of an elegant and distinguished man.

A few years later, Dominique Ropion and Francis Kurkdjian offered their common talents to a new masculine fragrance that would shake up Aqua di Gio’s star status: Armani Mania. A veritable bomb of freshness and virile power, Armani Mania surprises and detonates both with its sparkling and contrasting accords and the shape of its unique bottle.

How dare to think that this magnetic man cannot be accompanied by a woman just as charming and seductive? Barely two years later, Armani Mania pour Femme will see the light of day to accompany with its luminous and delicate floral freshness this man so virile and sensual.

Designed to be a burst of light, Armani Mania pour Femme will be presented under a most evocative slogan: “Live with a smile”. As for her muse, she poses with a magnificent smile to perfectly illustrate the joy of living that this Armani Mania for Women exalts.

The radiant essence of a fulfilled, balanced woman. The scent of an independent woman, sure of herself, naturally sensual. »Giorgio Armani on Armani Mania pour Femme.

Armani Mania pour Femme or the fragrant spring of a fulfilled woman …

If the bottle of the male version of Armani Mania wanted to be dynamic and modern, the bottle of his female alter ego Armani Mania for Women is presented as a glass that would follow the delicate curves of a woman to dress them in a pink veil. from light.

Armani Mania for Women opens with a dazzling and dynamic note of green mandarin mixed with a tangy pink berry. A fruity touch of blackcurrant sweetens this set of some delicacies. At the heart we recognize the love of the perfumer who created this Armani Mania for Women, Dominique Ropion, for the classic flowers of our gardens. Thus lilies of the valley, magnolias and peonies will come together to better be powdered with an elegant and felted veil of irises. Finally, cedar wood, amber and vanilla bring their warmth to the depths where white musk and white sandalwood form a cottony and comforting cloud that envelops us in flowery lights.

“An interpretation of femininity according to Giorgio Armani dedicated to an elegant, modern and spontaneous woman. »Armani for Armani Mania for Women.

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