Akanesasu Eau de Parfum

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Akanesasu Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Orange, Bergamot, Jasmine sambac, Vetiver

Akanesasu Eau de Parfum
Akanesasu Eau de Parfum


Akane sasu sora, a wonderfully evocative phrase used in traditional Japanese poetry to express the vivid red glow of a particularly beautiful sunset. It’s a phrase imbued with splendor, suggesting that there are unique moments where the natural world drifts especially close to the supernatural realm, with awe-inspiring results. To be certain, a fragrance that draws on this lovely imagery must contain the same power, the same energy, the same reverence. Luckily, this eye-openingly bright, joyous and rich ode to citrus, jasmine and vetiver is every bit as compelling as its namesake.
As if to mirror the color progression of a sunset, Akanesasu opens with a vivid burst of orange and bergamot, where intense green coexists with the warm orange of juicy citrus fruit, mouthwatering and energizing. A rich, fresh jasmine heart (nothing heady or indolic here) positively glows with quiet majesty, and an emergent vetiver base eschews the spikier side of the note in favor of gently woodsy warmth, leaving you with the contented relaxation one feels as the sun dips behind the mountains, leaving the sky painted red. A fragrance for summer sunsets and moments of appreciation, Akanesasu is poetry in a bottle.

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