Bois Lumiere Eau de Parfum

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Bois Lumiere Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Anatole Lebreton. The notes of this fragrance are Corsican juniper, clary sage, mandarin, fir balsam, honey, rose, carnation, immortelle, beeswax, atlas cedar, benzoin

Bois Lumiere Eau de Parfum
Bois Lumiere Eau de Parfum


It is a uniquely French ability to find the romantic sophistication in almost anything, including the inhospitable climate of Mediterranean garrigue land in drought season- climate that inspired the creation of Bois Lumiere. Like a boiling sun beating down on wild immortelle flowers set amongst the parched, rocky terrain, Bois Lumiere projects a dusty, intensely bright floral and woodsy character, honey sweet but bone dry, a hot desert wind that sings of sun-soaked relaxation and an almost alien beauty.
Bois Lumiere opens with the aromatics of desert terrain, wild juniper, clary sage and balsam lending resinous richness without a hint of moisture. Through the dryness, sweet honey emerges alongside brittle but sweet florals- immortelle, carnation and rose that lend their perfume to the desert conditions with a dehydrated herbaceousness. In the base, cedarwood provides a stout backdrop for the sweet brightness, absorbing the warmth with languid comfort. Dry, sweet, rich and unique, Bois Lumiere is a dazzling walk across the surface of the sun.

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Specification: Bois Lumiere Eau de Parfum


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