Celluloid x Galbanum Eau de Parfum

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Celluloid x Galbanum Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Comme des Garcons: Clash. The notes of this fragrance are Celluloid, galbanum

Celluloid x Galbanum Eau de Parfum
Celluloid x Galbanum Eau de Parfum


The association of Celluloid and Galbanum is by essence contradictory. They originate from the opposite realms of technology and nature, plastic and resin converging. But, of course, this is the brand that’s given us Garage, Tar, Odeur 53, and Concrete, so should it really be a surprise when we say that Celluloid x Galbanum just… works? Most of all the Clash scents, Celluloid x Galbanum finds the unexpected serendipity between the powerful, naturally spiky green of galbanum, and the deeply evocative artificial freshness of celluloid, reminiscent of everything from plastic school binders to a fresh-from-the-box pair of sneakers. You’ll want everything in your life to smell like this- clean, green, and blissfully relaxed. Not to shabby for such a contradiction.

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Specification: Celluloid x Galbanum Eau de Parfum


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