Cornaline Eau de Parfum

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Cornaline Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Anatole Lebreton. The notes of this fragrance are Carrot root, geranium, orris, ylang ylang, peach, red berries, green notes, mirabilis, musk, vanilla

Cornaline Eau de Parfum
Cornaline Eau de Parfum


When Anatole Lebreton conceptualizes a new fragrance, we sit up and take notice. After all, his brand aesthetic goes far beyond packaging or signature notes- a Lebreton scent is a uniquely formed work of art, with rustic, romantic and fantastical elements all hypnotically intertwined to create scents that stand alone as works of individual creativity. Cornaline, an ode to brightness and light and color, is no exception- by combining unexpected natural elements of spice, fruit, and florals, Lebreton delivers a dazzlingly bright scent that slowly, deliberately transitions into a twinkling twilight.
Cornaline opens with a distinctive and unforgettable note of carrot root, almost synthetic feeling in its uniqueness, the perfect lead-in to a cascade of fruits and flowers that radiate with distinctive and unforgettable color. First, geranium shines forth with spicy assertiveness, followed by an energetic vibration of orris, and a fruit-inflected, beautifully sweet ylang ylang. Now, the fruits and florals explode forth, painting a vivid mural of springtime delights with distinct touches of hyacinth and “belle du jour” mirabilis, a perfect blend of spicy and fruity. And finally, an increasingly sensual bed of musk and vanilla glows with the poised relaxation of twilight. Joyful yet masterfully restrained, opulent yet luminous, Cornaline is another opus from one of niche perfume’s brightest lights.

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