Flash Back In New York Eau de Parfum

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Flash Back In New York Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Olfactive Studio. The notes of this fragrance are Cumin, clary sage, white linen, saffron, violet, Tuscan leather, jasmine, birch, papyrus, vetiver, tonka bean

Flash Back In New York Eau de Parfum
Flash Back In New York Eau de Parfum


What an interesting and original flanker! Like the fuzzy picture of a snowy New York avenue taken as its starting point, Flash Back in New York weaves rhubarb, apple, leather, and wood together so seamlessly that it’s difficult to pick out the individual lines at first. But slowly, like the shape of a building or a person emerging from a blur of snowflakes, we are able to make out the earthiness of vetiver, its grey-brown smokiness illuminated in spots by the brightness of unripe fruit.
If the scent begins in earth and fruit, it soon develops in a series of surprising directions that keep our interest engaged. One strand leads us off into a gently spicy tonka bean diversion, another into a smoky violet-and-saffron leather, and yet another into an aromatic woody finish. We especially love the contrast between the soft warmth of the cumin and tonka pushing against the milky coolness of the leather and papyrus. Just as in the original photo by Vivienne Gucwa, Flash Back in New York is all about the hard angles of light slicing through a fuzzy darkness. If you love either Santal 33 by Le Labo or Terre d’Hermes by Hermes but wish for a gentler, more diffuse take that’s stunning on either a man or a woman, then try Flash Back in New York. Its woodsy, androgynous sexiness will appeal even to those who don’t normally wear fragrance.

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