Holy Water Eau de Parfum

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Holy Water Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by La Via Del Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are frankincense, sandalwood, orange, orange blossom, rose

Holy Water Eau de Parfum
Holy Water Eau de Parfum


A rose-and-sandal attar in the body of a French eau de cologne. In the Middle East and India, some attars are composed specifically to protect the soul from djinns, or evil spirits. In the West, we use citrusy colognes to refresh the body in hot weather. Both concepts are rooted in the belief that certain materials in perfumery possess an excoriating, cleansing power to drive out bad spirits and bad smells. Abdes Salaam Attar’s Holy Water (Aqua Santa) is a perfume bridge between the Eastern concept of purifying one’s soul and the Western concept of refreshing the physical. In pairing a bitter orange note with a dusty, ethereal frankincense, and placing it all in the context of a fresh eau de cologne, Holy Water emerges as a true hybrid between the Eastern and Western ??eaux de protection’.
It’s an almost medieval idea, but it works perfectly. A sweet, carefree orange blossom note gentles the piney austerity of the frankincense, softening what could have been an angular church incense into a hazy cloud of fruit, rose, and sandalwood. Although more fresh than sweet, Holy Water has a pleasing marshmallowy softness at its core that mitigates the impact of the tougher resinous and woody notes. It smells clean, vigorous, and above all, spiritually uplifting. Apply generously in times of sadness, melancholy, or simply when the greyness of the sky is wearing you down. Holy Water is a shot of sunshine delivered straight to your soul.

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