Just Before Eau de Parfum

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Just Before Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The House Of Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, lemon, saffron, palo santo, ylang-ylang, myrrh, vanilla, benzoin, amber, sandalwood

Just Before Eau de Parfum
Just Before Eau de Parfum


Just Before revolves around Palo Santo, the so-called?Holy Wood?? burned by the Incas and shamans to cleanse the spirit. The wood itself is sweetly fragrant with notes of pine, lemon, and mint, features the perfumers have cleverly chosen to accentuate with an equally bright trio of bergamot, lemon, and saffron, which melts effortlessly into the wood, leaving a film of orangey spice glittering on its pale, blond surface. It smells like citrus peel and cinnamon left to smolder on top of a freshly-lit piece of Palo Santo incense ? smoky, but with a lively sparkle.
A rich, banana-ish ylang is a dollop of butter stirred into the cake, thickening the fragrance, and easing the woods and citruses into the spiced doughiness of benzoin. The contrast between the minty aromatics and the vanilla-sodden resins gives the scent an interesting bitter almond nuance that’s not too far off the Hypnotic Poison model. But what really stands out here for us is the myrrh. Redolent of earth, wet stones, and anise, this ancient resin adds enormous depth, as well as a sepulchral darkness that contrasts the scent’s more gourmand?patisserie?? elements. Delicious and almost edible in its spicy warmth, Just Before teeters precariously between incense, amber, and woods. But because it never tips over into any one category, it remains interesting. Sugar and spice and all things nice….Just Before is a seductive siren call, calling out to us like the proverbial gingerbread cottage in the forest.

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