La Capitale Parfum

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La Capitale Parfum is a fragrance by Xerjoff. The notes of this fragrance are Strawberry, caramel, peach, labdanum, leather, saffron, ginger, rose, amber, benzoin, vanilla


Refined and robust, La Capitale is a testament to Moscow in all of its glorious contradictions- the grandeur and grime, the charm and the chaos, the history and hipness- a true international metropolis. Any fragrance to do justice to this fascinating city must, of course, be as larger than life as the city itself, and so La Capitale bursts forth from the skin, a fruity, spicy, luscious, indulgent fragrance full of joy, zest, and the indomitable Russian spirit.
On first spray, La Capitale is an explosively fruity, mouthwateringly sweet affair- caramel-dipped strawberries drip with sugared indulgence, while a juicy peach adds quenching refreshment. The heart of the fragrance ushers in a sophisticated and luxurious floral leather, reinforced with resinous labdanum, lush rose, and a beguilingly spicy blend of saffron and ginger. It all rests atop a wonderfully Xerjoff base of benzoin, amber, and vanilla, smooth, rich, and delectable. Powerful, complex, and undeniably compelling, La Capitale is a fitting tribute to the glorious sophistication of Moscow.

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