Le Cri De La Lumiere Eau de Parfum

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Le Cri De La Lumiere Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum d’Empire. The notes of this fragrance are Ambrette, rose, iris

Le Cri De La Lumiere Eau de Parfum
Le Cri De La Lumiere Eau de Parfum


Inspired by the light towards which all beings reach out whether entering or leaving this world, Le Cri de la Lumière employs a sparse framework of just three notes: ambrette, iris, and rose. But for all its elegant minimalism, this is a scent with plenty to say.
Ambrette, with its tart nuances of green apple, pear, and grappa, is first to announce its presence, bathing the scent in a halo of crystalline light. The opening pitches high, with an almost citrusy sparkle. The iris note, at first rooty and then bready, moves in to flesh out the structure, like a length of suede draped over a metal chair. Comparisons between this perfume and another ambrette-iris composition, Chanel No. 18, are natural ? but Le Cri de la Lumière is far brighter and drier affair, with a delicate sourness absent from the Chanel. As silvery as a glass of white vermouth, the scent gains a blush in its cheeks thanks to the late addition of rose. The ambrette wraps around the rose and iris, bedding them down in a soapy muskiness that feels both clean and sensual. The texture of this scent is dappled; in turns sheer and cloudy, bright and shaded, like a glass of Pastis into which a drop of water has just been stirred. Le Cri de la Lumière is a fragrance with noble lineage: aristocratic, haughty, and a little mysterious.

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Specification: Le Cri De La Lumiere Eau de Parfum


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