L’homme Accompli Eau de Parfum

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L’homme Accompli Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Divine. The notes of this fragrance are Amber, leather, vetiver, guaiac wood, styrax, atlas cedar, violet, lemon, bergamot

L’homme Accompli Eau de Parfum
L’homme Accompli Eau de Parfum


Yann Vasnier has done it again. A fresh, bone-dry masculine leather, L’Homme Accompli exudes quiet class from every pore. Opening on the classic snap of a Farina-style eau de cologne, the bristle of herbs and lemon soon dies back to reveal a musky, violet leaf-driven leather that will bring tears to the eyes of the vintage Fahrenheit lover. It is at once a familiar and elegant smell ? signature scent worthy for the man who is sure of his place in the world.
Bolstered by a musky Atlas cedar, L’Homme Accompli’s leather accord has tremendous body and presence, while managing to skip all the sweet, gouty richness of modern masculine leathers. And it’s that lightness of touch that makes this fragrance so special – the air and space that Vasnier has injected into its structure allows room to breathe. L’Homme Accompli grows ever drier and darker as time passes, the herbs and violet leather curling up under the smoke of styrax resin and guaiac wood, and finishing in a salty whisper of beach amber. If Cary Grant were a fragrance, he would be L’Homme Accompli.

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Specification: L’homme Accompli Eau de Parfum


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