Madera Eau de Parfum

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Madera Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Omnia Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are Vanilla pod, caramel, Madagascar vanilla, peach blossom, wildflowers, tobacco flower, coconut, white musk

Madera Eau de Parfum
Madera Eau de Parfum


Delicious, dreamy caramel. If you are a fan of foodie scents, this is for you. It is a giant vat of golden, buttery caramel goodness ready for you to dip yourself in like a carnival apple. Rich vanilla and creamy coconut give this a hint of Mounds bar yumminess (without the chocolate), and a whipped cream smoothness comes from the soft musk and gentle flowers. But mostly, there is caramel ? absolutely decadent and sticky-toffee sweet, comforting and enveloping and warm. This is the gooey center of a delicious candy? molten sugar and cream cooked oh-so-slowly until it magically transforms. We’ve rarely encountered a scent that captured the lusciousness of caramel so well . As you know, many of the sugar-laced scents and lotions in the mass market veer into the bitter, plasticky realm as they wear on the skin?? but this one miraculously does not. Madera has achieved caramel perfection and stays creamy and delectable all the way through. Truly scrumptious.

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Specification: Madera Eau de Parfum


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