Oakmoss Eau de Parfum

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Oakmoss Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by La Via Del Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss

Oakmoss Eau de Parfum
Oakmoss Eau de Parfum


Oakmoss (Quercia di Muschio) is deceptively named, because, despite the clear presence of oakmoss, this scent is far more about vetiver than moss. Still, the genius of the fragrance ? for us ? lies in the fact that Dominique Dubrana has obviously mined the areas of convergence between these two materials to emerge with a creature that has a foot in both worlds. Thus, the marine-like inkiness of the oakmoss connects with the rooty earthiness of vetiver via the crunch of sea salt and a shadowy ??forest floor’ gloom. In the background, a dry, minimally smoky sandalwood provides a palette against which the notes of earth, grass, root, and lichen can really pop.
Strangely, for a scent so heavily inspired by the elements of earth, grass, moss, and wood, Oakmoss is far more elegant and ??pulled together’ than the kind of scent you’d throw on for a hike in the woods. In fact, its crisp, tailored lines make it a perfect candidate for formal office wear. But however you choose to use it, the fact remains that Oakmoss is a riveting distillation of everything rooty, wet, and green in the forest. We find it to be soul-restoring and exciting in equal measure.

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