Odoon Extrait de Parfum

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Odoon Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Pekji. The notes of this fragrance are ash, cedar, guaiacwood, musk, oak, pepper, pine, resins, sandalwood, vanilla

Odoon Extrait de Parfum
Odoon Extrait de Parfum


A masterful treatise on a single material, Odoon takes us on a journey through the stored memory cells of a piece of wood, from the depths of the forest to the workshops, from sap to the burnt ashes in the grate of a fire. Odoon is wonderfully rich, balsamic, and warm ? full of character and complexity despite its obsessive, almost singular focus.
The structure is remarkably uncluttered, focusing on exposing each facet of wood and turning it over for our attention. First, we smell the minty camphor of a freshly bladed log of wood, sap springing up as if startled by its sudden release. Then the roast coffee warmth of cedar, its peppery mealiness exposed to the air for the first time. Slowly, the wood dries out to the caramelic dryness of sandalwood awaiting the carver’s tool, where it is polished to a high shine. It all comes together in a wisp of smoke and ash, nuggets of resin in the fine grain catching on fire here and there at the edges. Odoon is warm, deep symphony of wood notes that somehow transcends the simplicity of structure to take on a soul. If you love any of the Comme des Garcons woods-themed fragrances (Wonderwood, Sequoia, Hinoki, and so on), and want to see what a more natural, artisanal take smells like, then get yourself some Odoon.

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Specification: Odoon Extrait de Parfum


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