Onice Eau de Parfum …

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Onice Eau de Parfum … is a fragrance by Omnia Profumo. The notes of this fragrance are citrus, anise, lavender, licorice, peach, pineapple, rose, nutmeg, geranium, hyacinth, jasmine, ylang, mint, sandalwood, musk, cedarwood, amber

Onice Eau de Parfum …
Onice Eau de Parfum …


Not every fragrance can be described in a line or two ? some take a winding path to get to their destination. Onice is one of those fragrances. It opens with a fresh, green, vegetal note. We smell celery, which isn’t listed in the notes. Then we get the beginnings of a dense and complicated sweetness that reminds us of immortelle, which is also not listed in the notes. Just when we are about to ignore the notes altogether we get a definite dollop of licorice and a delightfully sweet pineapple ? both listed and both very present as they waltz with a variety of partners. Delicate hyacinth, sharp mint, earthy cedar, a dusting of nutmeg. It’s an enchanting and unusual journey, that appears to lead to different places for different people? on some Onice is sweet and fruity, on others the green and wood notes dominate. The consensus is that it is light and fresh without being aquatic or soapy or citrus?? and that it is very hard to pin down exactly what it smells like, although we all agree that it smells quite good. Intriguing.

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Specification: Onice Eau de Parfum …


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