Ormonde Elixir Parfum

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Ormonde Elixir Parfum is a fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The notes of this fragrance are Cardamom, coriander, grass oil, black hemlock, violet, jasmine, cedar, amber, sandalwood, oudh

Ormonde Elixir Parfum
Ormonde Elixir Parfum


The signature Ormonde Man & Woman eaux de parfum are famous for a reason- featuring a distinctively seductive note of black hemlock, their spicy, aromatic sophistication was, and remains, a breath of fresh air. Now, Ormonde Jayne has taken the shared DNA of both Ormonde Man and Ormonde Woman and produced Ormonde Elixir, a truly stunning, altogether new interpretation. The famed black hemlock is back, along with aromatic cedar and rich cardamom, but in the Elixir, a warm, sensual note of exquisite Cambodian oudh finds alluring, animalic new depth. There’s never been a better way to experience the signature of this stunning house. What We Think The distinctive aromatic freshness and spice of Ormonde Man and Ormonde Woman- already quite sexy!- gets an upgrade in both sensuality and sophistication with a perfect complement of warm, strong, just-the-right-amount-of-animalic oudh.

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Specification: Ormonde Elixir Parfum


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