Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum …

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Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum … is a fragrance by Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561. The notes of this fragrance are Patchouli from Indonesia

Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum …
Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum …


When we got the breakdown of notes for this line, we couldn’t help but giggle when we first saw the listing for this fragrance. Head note: Indonesian patchouli, Heart note: Indonesian patchouli, Base note: Indonesian patchouli. But we stopped giggling and started swooning when we sniffed the actual fragrance, because yes ? there is that much patchouli in it, and wow–it is absolutely gorgeous. The opening is dry, almost medicinal, then a grand and exotic symphony of dark, chewy sweetness and fresh-tilled earth appear and it is pure, mesmerizing, exotic, no-holds barred, patchouli splendor from that point on. This feels forbidden and irresistible, like an antique trunk full of contraband ? but it also has the lush, damp greeness of the forest floor. All of the complexities and contradictions of this enigmatic note – the golden opulence, the herbaceous sharpness ? are gloriously present. If you hate patchouli, this will not be your cup of tea. But if you love it, rejoice–this is one of the most fabulous renditions we have ever encountered. It’s the patchouliest!

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Specification: Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum …


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