Sucre Noir Parfum

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Sucre Noir Parfum is a fragrance by Arte Profumi. The notes of this fragrance are orchid, vanilla pod, sugar cane


Sucre Noir deserves the same Holy Grail status granted by vanilla lovers to Tihota by Indult or Vaniglia by Mazzolari. One of the most luxurious vanilla scents we’ve ever smelled, it is the olfactory equivalent of being wrapped up in the purest, ??whitest’ cashmere blanket that costs more than most of us earn in a month.
There’s a luxury in its simplicity, because there’s nowhere for any mistakes to hide. Recalling nothing more than the nostalgic goodness of white sugar infused with the sultry warmth of a vanilla bean or two, and perhaps a breath of cocoa-dusted vanilla orchid, it is the sort of vanilla we loved first while learning about taste and smell ? that pure ??white’ sort of sweetness as of yet unsullied by smoke, musk, or resin. The cane sugar is the perfect final touch, its slightly burnt, brown sugar aroma adding an interesting caramelization that creates depth but not shade. Vanilla lovers ? we are putting you on notice!

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Specification: Sucre Noir Parfum


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