Ta’if Elixir Parfum

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Ta’if Elixir Parfum is a fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The notes of this fragrance are Pink pepper, saffron, dates, rose, freesia, orange blossom, jasmine, broom, amber, oudh

Ta’if Elixir Parfum
Ta’if Elixir Parfum


The Ta’if rose- greener, spicier, more vibrant than the lusher European varietals- was the perfect centerpiece to the original Ta’if EDP, where sweet spice and gentle, watery florals defined a light, elegant rose scent with a restrained touch of gourmand exoticism. In Elixir form, however, a dramatic new element emerges with the addition of precious Cambodian oudh, which introduces a rich, warm, animalic sensuality. While it’d be hard to argue that this doesn’t add some heaviness to a previously lighter-than-air composition, we urge you to think of Ta’if Elixir as its own, separate fragrance- one where the oudh turns the peppery florals into something sweepingly romantic and thoroughly, three-dimensionally gorgeous. Ta’if Elixir is a scent to be worn with reckless abandon, a breathtaking perfume of tremendous presence and timeless elegance. What We Think Quite different from the airy, subtle Ta’if EDP, and miles apart from a typical rose-oud combination as well. Deep, rich, and authentically warm and animalic.

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Specification: Ta’if Elixir Parfum


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