The Musc Eau de Parfum

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The Musc Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Essential Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Ginger, beeswax, lavender, sandalwood, musks

The Musc Eau de Parfum
The Musc Eau de Parfum


Every line needs a musk, and this is The Musc, a name that signposts both the brand’s sense of humor and the specialness of the scent. Calice Becker said she imagined this scent?as a cloud of enveloping and comforting musk??, and that’s a great way to describe its effect. Wearing The Musc is like stepping out of the freezing cold into a home filled with warmth and love.
The Musk operates in the narrow margins between hot and cold ? it is fresh and spicy enough to keep you awake, but at the same time, so creamily warm that you’ll feel like a cat stretching languorously in front of an open fire. Applied to warm skin, the initial one-two punch of freshly-crushed lavender and red ginger feels spicy and herbal all at once. But copious amounts of Laotian beeswax and Australian santalum album soak the aromatics in a sweet, honeyed creaminess as warming as a lamb’s wool throw. These notes ? both fresh and warm ? are finally swept up into a cloud of whipped musks that wrap the wearer in a velvety cloud of scent. Nirvanolide and Serenolide, both elegantly fruity musks produced by Givaudan, are true to their name here, creating a serene, nirvana-esque fluffiness that’s as clean as kitten fur.

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