Tsuki Eau de Parfum

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Tsuki Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Geranium, grapefruit, coriander, basil, lemon, fennel, juniper, spicy mint, patchouli

Tsuki Eau de Parfum
Tsuki Eau de Parfum


Tsuki, meaning?moon??, is a wild green scent that captures the thrilling unfamiliarity of Japanese herbs and aromatics. Imagine crushing the leaves of some strange herb between your fingers in the dark and not knowing what it is, exactly. The minty, rosy sting of geranium is clearly identifiable, but you also smell something like crushed lemon balm and coriander beneath that. The aroma is green, minty, herbaceous, citrusy, and also gin-like thanks to a generous dose of juniper berry. But perhaps the most defining feature here is the fresh, vegetal scent of fennel, which gives the background of the scent a lingering anisic sweetness.
Strangely enough, even if you’ve never been to Japan or smelled Japanese herbs and aromatics before, there is something that marks this scent out as clearly Japanese, rather than Chinese or Indian – possibly its sense of delicacy and restraint. After a bold start, the scent whittles down into a shadowy trace of powdered ginger and licorice root that, although not loud in volume, remains a gentling presence that calms and focuses the mind throughout the day. With its energizing and uplifting qualities, Tsuki is truly a health tonic in scent form: we can imagine it being doled out in therapeutic doses by doctors to tired, stressed-out patients. Detox from the noise of modern life with this wonderful little elixir.

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Specification: Tsuki Eau de Parfum


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