Tuberose & Moss Eau de Toilette

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Tuberose & Moss Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by Rogue Perfumery. The notes of this fragrance are Tuberose, Oakmoss, Vanilla Cream, Allspice Berries, Cedar, Labdanum, Musk

Tuberose & Moss Eau de Toilette
Tuberose & Moss Eau de Toilette


With striking facets that range from innocently soft to sinfully carnal, tuberose is a grand dame of perfumery, a floral that a perfumer could dedicate a lifetime to. And Manuel Cross’ third installment of tuberose is his most creative yet: while Flos Mortis was a snarling bouquet of indole (and Champs Lunaires a smooth and gentle dream), Tuberose & Moss focuses on tuberose’s sweet, fruity elements, and in doing so demonstrates that this complex floral can do joyful and bright just as well as dark or soft. And what better base to showcase the sunshine than a classically inflected chypre? Here, Cross plays a fruity, creamy tuberose- delivering the brightness and sweetness that traditionally come from citrus and resin- against a beautiful base of soft, green, real oakmoss. Touches of spice, vanilla, and woods round out the rich dimensionality of the tuberose, and a traditional note of labdanum keeps the tuberose tethered to a chypre structure. Yet again, Manuel Cross has given us a scent that shows us that while both beautiful raw materials or inspired creativity can produce a great fragrance, it’s the intersection of the two that can truly speak to the spirit.

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Specification: Tuberose & Moss Eau de Toilette


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