Uden Overdose Parfum

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Uden Overdose Parfum is a fragrance by Xerjoff. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, lemon, ginger, tobacco blossom, amber, musk

Uden Overdose Parfum
Uden Overdose Parfum


Who says perfection can’t be improved upon? Though the name Uden Overdose implies that this scent is simply a stronger version of the original Uden, this scent has a distinct personality of its own and deserves to be taken on its own terms. How does it differ, you ask? Well, while Uden Overdose retains the wonderfully aromatic brightness of the original ? the essence of its ??fougere’ character – it swaps out the gourmand creaminess of Uden’s booze, vanilla, and lavender for the dry toastiness of spice, hay, and woody ambers. Both are utterly charming in their different ways. But if original Uden is a fougere you feel tempted to eat, Uden Overdose is a fougere you want to roll around in, like you would in piles of new mown hay.
Uden Overdose opens similarly to Uden, burning comet bright with the aromatic sharpness of bergamot and lemon. But while original Uden turns creamy with vanilla, Uden Overdose steers immediately into a dry, spicy track, a blaze of ginger root giving the citrus a thrillingly hot and dirty underbite. Think a tannic Earl Grey tea liberally spiked with grated ginger. It smells masculine, clean, and above all, dry, with nary a hint of sugar or cream around the edges. Tobacco blossom plays a central role in Uden Overdose, its green hay-like tones giving the gingery citrus tea a rustic edge reminiscent of herbs and wildflowers baking under a hot sun. Woody ambers and musks are applied with judicious restraint in the base, thickening and sweetening the scent but never disturbing the smooth, aromatic flow of the scent’s trajectory. This one’s such a pleasure to wear. If you love fougeres (and the original Uden) but want a woodsy, spicy take that gives you plenty of options, then Uden Overdose is your man.

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