Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19 Extrait de Parfum

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Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19 Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Bortnikoff. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, neroli, frangipani, cardamom, champaca, champaca leaf, jasmine, oakmoss, vetiver, Ruh Khus, myrrh, sandal 100k, Indian sandalwood, sandal infusion (Thai jasmine & white champaca), oud trat, ambergris

Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19 Extrait de Parfum
Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19 Extrait de Parfum


If you think that you 100% aware of how vetiver can and should smell, you’re probably wrong. This note requires a special attitude and deserves a dignified framing. Only under such conditions a vetiver composition of timeless beauty can be born. This is especially true when it comes to the precious Indian 25-year-old vetiver oil Ruh Khus, which forms the heart of Vétiver Nocturne. In order to make the start of the fragrance greener, a young Ruh Khus is used: in its distillation process it passes through the copper pipes and thus acquires green color and smell. The base of the composition consists of the oils of Indonesian Sandalwood and Oud Trat, which were distilled by the perfumer himself with the use of a special infusion technique: during the distillation process wooded materials were enriched by the oils of White Champaca and Thai Jasmine. Floral notes revealed the beauty of Sandalwood oil extracted from the roots of centuries-old Sandalwood trees, which were cut down a long time ago and nowadays only their roots, which were preserved in the ground for years, are available to give us an aromatic material of the highest quality. Only the real Mysore Sandalwood, which is also generously used in the composition, can compete with it in terms of rarity and resplendence. It’s hard to imagine a better framing for the Vetiver note than this.
Autumn ’19 edition: New ingredient harvests and sourcing means this fragrance will not be exactly identical to the previous release. You may find the Autumn ’19 edition even better…

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Specification: Vetiver Nocturne Autumn 19 Extrait de Parfum


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