Zeybek Extrait de Parfum

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Zeybek Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Pekji. The notes of this fragrance are bergamot, hay, lavender, leather, lemon, musk, narcissus, tobacco, tonka, vetiver

Zeybek Extrait de Parfum
Zeybek Extrait de Parfum


Zeybek, which takes its name from an expressive Aegean dance for a solo male, is an animalic fougere that smells a bit like the minty chewing gum breath of a cowboy as he rakes out a horse stall. The way Zeybek teeters precariously between herbal freshness and smeary funk the whole way through is as electrifying as being plugged into a live socket.
For us, Zeybek revolves around a handful of key aromatics that are so complex that they spin the scent off in several directions at once. Narcissus, yes, innocent little daffodil, exudes the fresh greenness of cut stalks, but also facets of soiled hay, civet, and jasmine, which creates a 3D picture of a horse stall. The central ??flowers in a barnyard’ accord is freshened up top with salty herbs, lavender, and lemon, for an effect that smells like spearmint gum mixed with sea water. This thrillingly odd combination rests on an equally odd base of industrial notes such as rubber, gum, and putty, all shot through with cigarette ash. Engaging and completely different from anything we’ve ever smelled before, we’d call Zeybek an animalic fougere that’s both resolutely modern and naturalistic in feel. The only cost of entry here is a sense of adventure and the refusal to be hemmed in by convention.

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Specification: Zeybek Extrait de Parfum


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