Because It’s You Armani Eau de Parfum

Because It’s You, a juice loaded with romanticism

In this context, the Armani brand has decided to create a niche fragrance duo called Because It’s You, for the female version, and Stronger With You, for the men. So let’s see what it is about the new glamorous perfume that Armani wanted to offer to its customers.

Because It’s You, a juice loaded with romanticism

Because It’s You is a fragrance that is presented to us in a bottle that is very different from previous Emporio Armani juices. Indeed, this new essence is delivered to us in a cubic-shaped container, with rounded angles, suggesting a certain generosity. The whole is worked in a thick glass giving us the beauty of an amber juice, rather clear for women and more sustained for men. The two essences are thus displayed as being very complementary and are both topped with a round cabochon and a finely chiseled neck. In fact, if these two juices appear like a couple, it is quite simply because they are very romantic scents. Moreover, this is clearly visible in the Because It’s You recipe. This perfume places the rose, emblematic flower of femininity and love, at the center of its composition. This is surrounded by a fruity and juicy raspberry at its start, and a bright, Mediterranean neroli. Its base ends with a duo of vanilla and musk, two ingredients enveloping the whole with a carnal and sweet aura.

The values ​​contained in the perfume of Giorgio Armani

In fact , with this perfume, the house of Armani wanted to convey strong and current values. “Emporio is a brand that speaks the language of the present, and this perfume project captures two essential aspects of our time: on the one hand, the return to true and primary feelings – in this case, love – on the other on the other hand, the increasingly close proximity between men and women, while respecting their respective identities and their individuality ”. Because It’s You is a feminine and authentic fragrance, a sort of olfactory transcription of the modern love of our time.

Emporio Armani Because It’s You advertising campaign

However, to get this message across clearly, Armani only needed an advertising campaign to match its ambitions. The Italian brand has decided to trust a French director and producer by the name of Fabien Constant. He made a series of three three-minute videos featuring the muses Matilda Lutz and James Jagger, sons of the iconic Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. The duo promise to be hot and complicit!

The Giorgio Armani perfume house likes to offer us perfumes for couples like the bestseller Emporio Armani, whose female and male versions complement each other perfectly. Once again, Armani tells us a wonderful love story with the hero of a sexy young woman and a rebellious and sophisticated man. With Stronger with you, the perfume for men and Because it’s you, the feminine fragrance, Armani offers us a modern and sparkling fairy tale.

Because it’s you or the modern declaration of love made by Anne Flipo for Armani

Just like the Emporio Armani creations first released in 1998, the two fragrances Armani Stronger with you and Because it’s you were created to be two beautiful alter egos which are worn so that both recognize each other and attract each other like magnets.

Yet the two perfumes were composed by two different perfumers: Cécile Matton for Stronger with You and Anne Flipo for Because it’s you. But the two perfumers, although born and raised in very distant universes, have a lot in common. For both of them the love of artistic creation takes precedence over the trend but above all each perfume must be composed with daring and freedom.

Regarding Because it’s you, Anne Flipo is no exception to her rule and the fragrance is written in an original way between absolute femininity and playful, almost regressive sparkle.

“This is a floral-fruity with both lively, sparkling and carnal. It is the perfect mix between an assumed seduction and the smile, the game. This perfume seeks to translate all the complexity of femininity, beyond the clichés. “& Nbsp; Anne Flipo for Because it’s you Armani.

Because it’s you, the perfume between seduction and smile …

Clearly stated, as we have seen, Anne Flipo did not hesitated for a single second to offer in Because it’s you an olfactory range of all the facets of a woman.

Thus the smile and cheerfulness will be embodied by top notes of raspberry and neroli flower allowing to ” offer Because it’s you a start that is both sweet, gourmet but also flowery and flooded with an exotic light.

At the heart, the sweetness of rose absolute carries us away in a breeze of femininity absolute. This tenderness will be quickly reversed by the force of the depths which quickly become fatal weapons of seduction between a note of suave vanilla and musks with absolute sensuality.

The contrasting composition of Because it’s you will perfectly echo the one Cécile Matton proposed to these gentlemen for Stronger with you. Indeed, in the same way as in the feminine perfume, Cécile Matton proposed a very masculine fern which she punctuated with aromatic notes but above all with very original scents of violet and pink pepper to describe a man with multiple character traits. .

The Because it’s you-Stronger with You couple evolves hand in hand in a sophisticated and modern universe which allows both to express the wide range of their emotions …



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