Beige Chanel Eau de Parfum

Beige the perfume, when Chanel rhymes natural with sophistication

Comfortable, soft and flowery, Beige, the new opus of the prestigious Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection, carries us along in its elegant but skin-deep wake …

Beige, in praise of Gabrielle Chanel’s creative simplicity

Madame Chanel liked beige while the fashion of her main competitor, Paul Poiret, liked to use warm, oriental colors that we found much more alive than this “bland” and dull beige. Anyway Gabrielle Chanel has made the color beige one of her flagship colors as the beauty of this skin color associated with the famous Coco black for example, exudes a neutrality that allows all the daring stylistic cuts. Moreover Beige, associated with Rouge and Bleu were also perfumes created in the 1930s to match a new Chanel collection.

Beige, born under Gabrielle Chanel, has disappeared for a long time, nevertheless Jacque Polge will illustrate with his talents the taste of the lady for this color so natural, so luminous by creating a composition called, also, Beige. We could have expected blond woods, caramel hues or gourmet milk jams with this scent which has a rather mysterious name or even not really commercial. What does it matter! Jacques Polge will once again create a surprise by offering a soft honeyed Beige of exotic and solar flowers as if to better illustrate the luminosity and the sensuality of Gabrielle Chanel’s color.
“I take refuge in beige because it’s natural” said Gabrielle Chanel.

The sensual voluptuousness of the Beige fragrance that melts on the skin like a breath of spring

“Jacques Polge, nose of the house, imagined an unexpected bouquet of white flowers full of sun, a seaside light without ever falling into a caricature exoticism. Madame Le Figaro on the release of Beige by Chanel.

So to bathe us in the halo of light so shimmering of beige, of Beige, Jacques Polge transports us from the top notes in the magnificence of exotic notes of ylang-ylang punctuated by a delicate hawthorn. At the heart, jasmine, so dear to the house of Chanel, will come alongside heliotrope and lily in order to recreate in contact with the top notes the fabulous deliciously spring accord of mimosa flowers. Finally honey, musky notes and powdery notes mix with flowery accords to offer us a suave and sensual trail, as if the spring of this Beige was slipping through all the pores of our skin. “A wonderful mixture of white petals and blond gold… Suffice to say a breath of Beige. »As the house of Chanel likes to tell us …



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