Bella Collector Christmas 2019 Eau de Toilette Nina Ricci

A festive spirit for Bella Collector

However, it is precisely in this context that the Bella perfume was developed. A worthy successor to the Nina fragrance, it plays the card of sweetness and gluttony, while daring a more sensual trail. Bella is conceived as a fully emancipated woman, expressing all her desires. Today, for ever more pleasure, this perfume is reinventing itself and taking on a new appearance, becoming before our eyes Bella Collector.

How is Bella Collector different from its predecessor?

If you take a look at the description of this fragrance and the elements that compose it, you will quickly see that Bella Collector has exactly the same scent as its predecessor. In reality, it is exclusively a change of its bottle. To offer us a new edition of her bottle, Nina Ricci called on the illustrator and architect Ana Strumpf. Originally from Sao Paulo, it was in New York that the young woman became known. Ana Strumpf has been revisiting some of the most famous fashion magazines for several years. She adds colorful and colorful details, immediately recognizable. A sort of modern-day Matisse, she also draws on a whole bunch of other media such as sneakers, walls or scarves. Today, his art is
Bella Collector always takes the appearance of a small green apple, topped by a golden cap. In a more festive spirit than ever, a shower of glitter also decorates the top of its bottle. Sparkling as you wish, this perfume is hidden in a white cardboard box, containing a whole bunch of adhesive stickers. Designed by Ana Strumpf, these allow you to personalize your perfume bottle. Thus, Nina Ricci offers you the possibility of creating a bottle that looks like you, a unique model of perfumery.

The deliciously fruity scent of Bella Collector

As a reminder, the Bella perfume owes its existence to two perfumers, namely Sonia Constant and Louise Turner. Together, they have chosen to make a floral and fruity eau de toilette, playing the card of freshness and gluttony. Initially, Bella Collector displays a striking flight, based on green mandarin, rhubarb and lemon. Then, this very fruity and vegetal breath way to a floral duo. Bella Collector’s heart becomes more romantic. It contains rose and freesia. White musk, for its part, reinforces the refinement of the whole. Finally, Bella Collector is wrapped in a sulfurous vanilla, as if to make us succumb to temptation.


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