Black Orchid, Tom Ford’s iconic fragrance in a new, more intense concentration

Black Orchid, Tom Ford's iconic fragrance in a new, more intense concentration
Black Orchid, Tom Ford‘s iconic fragrance in a new, more intense concentration

It is within the house of Gucci, in Italy, that Tom Ford has made a name for himself in the world of fashion. Renowned for his very particular style, both chic and very daring porn, he has considerably revolutionized the image of haute couture. Then, in the early 2000s, he decided to found his own brand: Tom Ford . From then on, all she needed was a perfume to enhance her feminine wardrobe. This was done in 2006 by the creation of Black Orchid, a unique juice of its kind, celebrating the beauty of the black orchid and paying homage to all the mysterious and seductive women. Even today, this fragrance continues to be talked about. Tom Ford therefore decides to reinvent it and develop a more intense edition. Focus on the new Black Orchid of 2020.

The black orchid as a source of inspiration

Perfumers are used to drawing their sources of creativity from all things. Some rely on their travels. Others prefer to remember moments rich in emotions. Still others are based on significant encounters. Tom Ford, meanwhile, invents his own flower, as rare as it is elusive. After all, don’t we say that scarcity gives value to things? This is how he developed Black Orchid. For him, the black orchid is a flower which reveals its beauty only to those who deserve it and who are able to appreciate it. Black Orchid is a perfume made precisely for this kind of woman. Do you not easily reveal your privacy? However, it is said about you that you do not lack character or daring… In this case, this perfume is made for you! More intense and vibrant than ever, he promises to reveal the seductress who sleeps in you, while being atypical. Make no mistake, Black Orchid is indeed a fragrance reserved for initiated consumers.

Black Orchid is dressed in a golden bottle

Black Orchid comes in the usual Tom Ford bottle. Thus, its silhouette remains unchanged since 2006. It is a round but slender bottle, resembling a small apothecary bottle. Its faces, for their part, are worked to form numerous streaks. The reliefs running through its walls are the work of an irreproachable mastery of glass. Tom Ford thus testifies to a unique know-how in terms of bottling. A square plate is housed on its front face and bears the name of this species. However, unlike the very first Black Orchid, this new 2020 edition features a new completely golden lacquer, for a particularly flashy and tempting look.

Tom Ford steps up ingredients from previous Black Orchid

This new juice does not shy away from belonging to the great Black Orchid family . As proof, it uses the same ingredients as its predecessor. However, it intensifies them and makes them more vibrant. It first takes off on an alliance of bergamot and bitter orange, for a very dazzling freshness. Then, the truffle mingles with a more narcotic ylang-ylang, while a juicy pear is in turn soaked in rum. Little by little, Black Orchid becomes more woody at its base. Its depth emanates in particular from patchouli, again associated with a creamy and warm vanilla.

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