Black XS Eau de Toilette for Her Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne finally unveils the Black XS woman

Each of its juices goes hand in hand with its counterpart, forever forming a couple in an atmosphere of its own. Thus, the duo Black XS takes us into a very rock universe. In addition, the Black XS woman saw the light of day in 2007, two years after her male predecessor.

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Paco Rabanne

If Black XS had appeared to be a rebellious boy, dressed in leather and that one can easily imagine on a large engine, his female equivalent does not lack temperament either. Black XS pour Elle is a surprising juice, designed for a woman Paco Rabanne likes to call “barock’n roll”. In other words, it is intended for today’s rebellious princesses. It is at the same time very elegant while being particularly sassy. Thus, it sticks perfectly to the image we have of contemporary women, always in action and at a hundred miles an hour. Undoubtedly, Paco Rabanne suggests to us here that the woman is indeed the equal of the man. Black XS pour Elle displays a halfway look between modernity and vintage, glamor and the boyish look. It is the scent of strong women who have the gift of turning their heads and leading men by the nose. It thus acts like a bewitching filter. It is ultra feminine, absolutely carnal and totally voluptuous. You have been warned, Black XS for Her could well make you the most attractive woman there is!

Black XS for Her, a floral and seductive rebel

On the scent side, Emilie Coppermann and Mark Buxton, the perfumers in charge of its development, have chosen to opt for a floral, fruity and woody juice. It all starts with tamarind blossom associated with pink berries and lingonberries. Suffice to say that this is an explosive and particularly dazzling start! Then, his heart evolves towards a dangerous flower: the hellebore. This reveals pink and narcotic accents. It gives off very mysterious scents and arouses questions as much as fascination. Then, as if to underline the character of Paco Rabanne’s strong woman, he chose to complete Black XS for Elle with a woody concentrate. In addition, the trail of this fragrance contains massoia wood and patchouli. Vanilla accentuates the greedy and addictive side. The whole thing is revealed thus very feminine and particularly sexy. This magic filter is then presented in a bottle with voluptuous curves. If Black XS pour Elle is black in appearance, it is tinged with a purple-pink in its heart. Its stopper is inspired by that of a vial of yesteryear containing magic essences. A rose is then sculpted in relief on its glass while its thorny branches perfectly illustrate the rock side of the Paco Rabanne woman.

The male perfumes of the perfume house Paco Rabanne have been a real success since XS in 1993, the female perfumes do not yet reach the same level despite beautiful creations. With Black XS for Her in 2007, it seems that Paco Rabanne and his two perfumers finally have the house’s bestselling feminine perfume. Its powerful scents will mark the entry of Paco Rabanne perfumes into the era of excess but also of success!

Black XS for Her or the very rock creation of Emilie Bevierre Coppermann and Mark Buxton

Paco Rabanne is a designer with boundless creativity and futuristic originality. The masculine fragrances in his range seem totally consistent with his haute-couture creations, his creations in feminine perfumery are difficult to understand, as was the case for the yet magnificent Ultraviolet. It is by launching into the creation of opulent, excessive and very noticed perfumes that Paco Rabanne will sign his greatest successes, like the Black XS couple, the One Million couple or even the Invictus-Olympéa couple. / p>

Black XS for her would therefore be the very first perfume where Paco Rabanne dared. Dared to take the opposite of tender scented structures, break the codes of a perfumery that remains despite beautiful rather classic innovations …

By calling on Emilie Bevierre Coppermann and Mark Buxton, the composition of Black XS for Her promised great originalities and obviously no one was disappointed! Mark Buxton is precisely a perfumer who goes against the grain and enjoys creating totally innovative fragrances. As for Emilie Bevierre Coppermann, she offers colorful and very innovative scent compositions. The two perfumers worked together within the company Symrise to create the Play fragrances for Givenchy or even for the Comme des Garcons perfumery.

“She [Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann] had the courage to try new ideas and the ability to create seductive fragrances with his unique creative talent. He is an inspiration to his colleagues and his work is one of the reasons for Symrise’s success. We are always excited to wait for her next fantastic creation which always matches the latest trends. “& Nbsp; & nbsp; Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise AG.

Black XS for her or the first Paco Rabanne perfume of excess…

The perfumers of Symrise in charge of the composition of Black XS for Her had fun offering us a juice between light and dark that plays with its sensuality to provoke.

Indeed at the entrance to Black XS for Her it is the powerful light that wins us between the tamarind flowers and the spicy pink berries. Yet the currant already darkens this picture which will quickly be tinted in the heart of a very dark Hellebore rose and a black violet. The fruity light of apple and raspberry pairs wonderfully with the shade of these sultry flowers. Finally, delicious vanilla and cocoa will propel us towards a bath of warm and carnal woods …

< p> “Black XS for her, a multiple, disturbing fragrance. Light and dark. A rose immersed in an excess of wood and black vanilla. Ambiguous flower, without concession. “Paco Rabanne for Black XS for Her.

Woody Fruity

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