Black XS Los Angeles for Her Eau de Toilette Paco Rabanne

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Paco Rabanne

As such, Paco Rabanne likes to create perfume duets forming couples worthy of our biggest fantasies. This is how Black XS juices were designed for him and her. They are both rock ‘n’ roll and glamorous and do not hide their desire to surprise us. Also, Black XS Los Angeles For Her is none other than a variation of this feminine essence that has become cult.

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Paco Rabanne

To always push the rock ‘n’ roll soul of Black XS a little further, Paco Rabanne decided to take us to the heart of Los Angeles. Indeed, it is one of the cradles of this musical style. Los Angeles is a city of many contrasts which has seen the birth of the biggest stars on the planet despite its surrounding decadence. This is precisely what interested Paco Rabanne. Thus, the rebellious look of Black XS Los Angeles For Her appears from the vision of its bottle. This one sees itself endowed with an entirely black and shiny surface. Of course, this effect is reminiscent of the look of leather, an emblematic rocker material. However, Black XS Los Angeles For Her is not a juice lacking in elegance and its daring is nonetheless very feminine and sensual. Moreover, this is clearly symbolized by the curve of this rounded container. Likewise, this is suggested to us by its transparent base letting us glimpse its pinkish beige color similar to bare skin.

The contrasting scent of Black XS Los Angeles For Her

If the bottle of Black XS Los Angeles For Her plays on chiaroscuro, know that it is the same for its scent. It is all in duality and displays an extreme femininity associated with an almost virile intensity. Thus, Black XS Los Angeles For Her begins with an invigorating flight made from bitter orange. Nevertheless, this one is worked in a greedy and almost candied way. Thus, it is evocative of the scent of a marmalade. Then, an exotic blend takes place. Black XS Los Angeles For Her exudes aromas of cranberry, coconut and tamarind. For even more arrogance, a hint of rum has also been added to the set. Thus, Black XS Los Angeles For Her becomes an intoxicating and euphoric juice. Her femininity is symbolized by the presence of rose and orchid. The whole then gradually gains in intensity until it delivers a trail of vanilla, amber and musk. That just sets her animal side down and Black XS Los Angeles For Her instantly becomes a wildly addicting juice.

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