Bloom Gocce Di Fiori Gucci Eau de Toilette

Gocce Di Fiori, the most tender of Gucci Bloom perfumes

“I wanted a very rich scent of white flowers,” he said, “a courageous scent that carries a bouquet of abundance into a huge garden teeming with flowers and plants. This wild garden, overflowing with color, reflects the beauty of women in their diversity. You can find everything there. Gucci Bloom is the scent of this garden. He makes you travel to somewhere else. Today, flowers are still omnipresent in the Gucci collection. The latter nevertheless reveal to us a more aerial facet of their scent. Focus on Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori, new spring juice from Gucci.

Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori, a flower that blooms before our eyes

Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori is an infinitely tender and airy fragrance. With it, the air is crisp and fragrant, transmitting in its wake all the enchantment of a new season. Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori increases the imagination tenfold. Its simple breath is enough to make us hear the buzz of the bees, or to make us glimpse the flower petals openi ng delicately in front of us. The name of this perfume literally means “drop of flower” in Italian. If Gucci chose this surname, it is because its fragrance recalls the scent of morning dew on fresh flowers. In other words, it’s a light and refreshed version of the collection’s original fragrance.

All the tenderness of the Gucci woman in a bottle

Of course, all this poetry resurfaces above all in the bottle of this new perfume. The latter adopts a very refined style. It forms a thick glass cube, the walls of which are completely covered with a pearly pink. For a little and it almost looks like a porcelain container. A sober and imposing label is displayed on its front face. Everything is presented to us in a cardboard box covered with a vintage pattern. Devotees of the Gucci brand will recognize the famous toile de Jouy “Herbarium” motif, representing cherry leaves and flowers, here completely redesigned in a red color. The presentation of Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori becomes quite confusing: at the same time refined and contemporary, while preserving a style inherited from the tradition of Gucci.

Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori, a floral trio

Therefore, we are already looking forward to discovering the scent of this new perfume. Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori revolves around three major ingredients. It contains jasmine bud extract, a very vegetable and light raw material, preserving an extreme femininity. The tuberose, for its part, warms the whole and gives it a more honeyed gluttony. Finally, Gucci Bloom Gocce Di Fiori ends with the presence of quisqualier from the Far East, a floral creeper with a powdery scent, signature of the entire Gucci Bloom collection.

The Gucci house embodies in leather goods as in haute couture has certain idea of ​​the glamorous Italian woman, between exuberance, chic and obvious originality. Shortly after the arrival in 1994 of Tom Ford as artistic director, Gucci launched into perfumery with Envy and at the same time elegant and sensual flowers which would perfectly symbolize the spirit of the house.

From bottle to bottle , the sensual and elegant woman of Gucci takes shape, however the pretty Bloom will come in 2018 to launch its flower petals to better surprise us.

Spring is born in the Bloom Gocce di Fiori bottle

Alberto Morillas and the new one Gucci director Alessandro Michele made the joint choice in 2017 to create with the pretty Bloom a fragrance that is always flowery and opulent, but this time less sensual than previous juices such as Gucci Première or Gucci Guilty and much more delicate. Bloom therefore represents a new Gucci woman who is still as charming but less seductive and more in the softness of floral and powdery notes.

However Bloom has not lost any of the Gucci spirit by highlighting raw materials of a rare quality like the pretty Indian flower, the Quisqualis indica or “vermifuge liana”, which, changing colors as the season progresses, takes on shades ranging from pink bright red while exhaling powdery scents never before used in perfumery.

With Bloom Gocce di Fiori, this pretty flower will be highlighted by fresh notes of flowers in order to offer this time not a sensual water like Bloom Nettare di fiori but rather an “eau de toilette transporting the wearer into a tender dreamlike universe where flowers are about to bloom.” as Gucci indicates about Bloom Gocce di Fiori.

Bloom Gocce di Fiori, between sunny flowers and powdery flowers of quisqualis indica

Alberto Morillas, perfumer and creator of Bloom and Bloom Gocce di Fiori, had already proposed certainly the greatest bestsellers of the freshness of the 90s such as the great Ck One or even the male juice preferred by men at Armani Acqua di Gio. With Bloom, he demonstrated that he was not only the great perfumer of masculine or mixed freshness but also a talented perfumer when it comes to creating very feminine and flowery fragrances. Nevertheless in this new opus Bloom Gocce di Fiori, we find the obvious skill of Alberto Morillas to create freshness, but an ultra feminine and very sophisticated freshness.

Indeed Bloom Gocce di Fiori opens with notes of jasmine bud extract collected by a co-extraction method allowing to give jasmine green facets as important as its flowery scent. Then in the heart, the natural tuberose of India carries us away in its sensual force. Finally the famous flower of Quisqualis indica, vermifuge liana, closes this pretty Bloom Gocce di Fiori in a powdery and very elegant trail.



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