Burberry Her Intense Eau de Parfum

Burberry her feminine scent becomes more intense

Since then, Burberry has met with tremendous success. However, the brand never forgets its land of origin, and has even made it its biggest trademark. Between classicism and modernity, all of Burberry’s creations are nods to England. However, the new Burberry Her Intense fragrance is no exception to tradition. He offers us a trip to London, to discover all the effervescence of the city, charged with femininity and sensuality. Thus the original Burberry Her perfume gains in intensity.

Burberry Her Intense, bold carnal and fruity fragrance

Burberry Her Intense is a juice that is very strongly inspired by the previous Burberry Her, while still having its own personality. Like the latter, he rushes on a cocktail of red fruits. However, this time it is dominated by the tangy and sparkling breath of the blackberry. This fruit is fully in line with the sweet trends of the moment, releasing an almost jammy scent, without becoming too greedy. Then, jasmine takes over and immediately plunges us into a whirlwind of femininity. Rich in many reliefs, it gives Burberry Her Intense a powdery, floral and animal side. Then, little by little, the base of Burberry Her Intense warms up. It is then that all his game of seduction appears, in a base of benzoin, warm and amber. Its woody note is caramelized and vanilla,

Burberry Her Intense, the fragrance of a seductive and spontaneous woman

If Burberry Her Intense plays more in the register of sensuality than its predecessor, it is nonetheless a refreshing, spontaneous and daring fragrance. This juice has in it all the London spirit and the effervescence of this city that never stops. Burberry Her Intense is a perfume developed for all women “Londoners at heart”, understand “Londoners at heart”. If you thrive in a daily life that goes at 100 miles an hour, there is no doubt: this fragrance is made for you!

Burberry Her Intense, a British flask as a bottle

To present its perfume, the Burberry house has opted for a bottle well known to the general public. Diving into the brand heritage, Burberry Her Intense comes in a bottle that first saw the light in 1981, with the Burberry’s for Men fragrance. Quite sober in appearance, this bottle is inspired by a British flask, traditionally slipped into men’s trench coats. Its small off-center cap gives it all its originality. It is here enhanced with a very elegant golden ring. The pale color of the previous Burberry Her has disappeared in favor of a more amber touch, in perfect harmony with the sensuality of Burberry Her Intense. Slightly curved, the Burberry Her Intense bottle offers a perfect grip while embodying a certain delicacy.

The notes that characterize Burberry Her Intense

For Burberry Her released in 2018 as for all its other fragrances, the Burberry house wished to highlight this Great Britain which saw it born in the eyes of the whole world. Burberry Her therefore perfectly represents this beautiful Englishwoman between traditions and modernities, scents of yesteryear and contrasting originality. Still led by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Burberry Her Intense will take us in 2019 a little more towards this English sun that is both rare and hot to let us rock with sweet gourmet sensualities.

When Burberry Her intense offers us a beautiful British sensuality

To say the least, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is a regular in the creation of Burberry fragrances. From My Burberry in 2014 to Mr Burberry in 2016, from My Burberry black to My Burberry Blush, the perfumer has never stopped composing for this English house so famous for these iconic trench coats.

He It must be said that this perfumer who made himself known through his so singular creation for Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1995 has never ceased to create for Burberry a universe apart, between an England almost remained at the time of tea time and a Great Britain at the forefront of all the craziest stylistic trends. These are the same contrasts that can be found in Burberry Her and its modern delicacies of red fruits married to the sensuality of musks and ambroxan.

For Burberry Her Intense, Francis Kurkdjian has chooses to push the gourmet contrasts much further by magnifying the flowers and fruits of a vanilla that we did not yet know, a surprising and bewitching vanilla. & nbsp;

A breath of powerful vanilla and gourmand pour Burberry Her Intense

“& nbsp; As a Frenchman, how did you create the English note for Her? By capturing the energy, the carelessness, the sparse parks of the city, the style of the women in the streets … And what does London smell like? English perfumery, marked by the barbers of yesteryear. & Nbsp; ” Francis Kurkdjian on the creation of Burberry Her.

For Burberry Her Intense, the perfumer once again sought to capture this famous English energy while wrapping it this time in custard, or French depending on where it is tasted, vanilla and gourmet that brings out flowers and fruits in sweet sensuality.

Quite naturally then, Burberry Her Intense opens with the red fruit cocktail that made the original opus happy, however this time the blackberry invites itself to this crunchy and sweet start. In the heart, the round and powdery violet has disappeared, leaving in this Burberry Her Intense only the beautiful opulent and sunny flower of jasmine. Finally, the depths of ambroxan, cashmeran, caramel and patchouli from Burberry Her have given way for this intense concentration to the unique presence of vanilla which takes on a gourmet dimension alongside the fruits, then alongside jasmine, a dimension oriental and divinely hot.

Fruity Gourmand


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