Burberry Her London Dream Eau de Parfum

Burberry offers us a new trip to London

This is precisely what the Burberry Her London Dream perfume is all about. However, don’t get me wrong, unlike its Burberry Her predecessors, which once captured all the London hustle and bustle, it now relies more on gentleness, loitering and poetry. So, how about discovering the new portrait of a tender and delicate young woman?

Burberry offers us a new trip to London

London is one of the most famous capitals on the planet. However, it is above all known for its effervescence, its dynamism and its eclecticism. Yet this time around, that’s not exactly what it’s all about in the new Burberry Her London Dream. More than ever, this perfume calls for reverie and poetry. The British capital suddenly seems more peaceful. Burberry invites us to follow in the footsteps of a fresh, cheerful and light young woman. The brand offers us a spring walk in the heart of London, on a beautiful sunny and soothing day. All the tranquility of the great London parks seems to invite itself into this essence. The lively streets give off only positive vibes and Burberry Her London Dream turns out to be a scent loaded with gaiety and joie de vivre.

Burberry Her London Dream, a floral and fruity essence

Burberry Her London Dream is as romantic as it is vibrant. It begins with a very fresh and dynamic scent, dominated by lemon. Nevertheless, here, this citrus is tickled with spices. A peppery scent gradually rises to our nose. Coming directly from ginger, it is also slightly soapy. Then, Burberry Her London Dream becomes more elegant and floral at its heart. Like a huge bouquet, it consists of peony and rose. Then, gluttony is gaining ground. Burberry Her London Dream ends with an amber base. For more sensuality and persistence, the wake of Burberry Her London Dream also lets out a breath of musk.

Burberry’s boldly sleek bottle

Burberry Her London Dream comes in a bottle as refined as it is surprising. Directly inspired by a flask typical of an English gentleman, the Burberry Her London Dream bottle has an imposing but slightly rounded shape. Its hood, meanwhile, dominates the whole, while being off-center on its left side. To attract attention to him, it is the only element of this bottle to be completely opaque. In addition, it is also decorated with a small golden border at the level of its collar. Burberry Her London Dream reveals all the solar beauty of a pale yellow juice in the transparency of its glass. Finally, the name of the Burberry brand is embossed in its glass, in capital letters.



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