Cartier Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum

The love story described by Cartier

Also, it is precisely from this that Cartier was inspired to create its perfume called Baiser Volé. It was created in 2011 by the hands of perfumer Mathilde Laurent and takes us into a whirlwind of romanticism.

The love story described by Cartier

Cartier is a brand famous for its romantic and almost magical juices. Also, this is precisely what it is about in the perfume Stolen Kiss. This is inspired by a passionate encounter, like a suspended and unexpected parenthesis in everyday life. It’s akin to an impromptu date between a daring man and a more timid woman. Thanks to him, the discomfort of the early days is gradually transformed into a real passion. Baiser Volé then becomes like a drive where reason is left aside and gives way to passion. Thus, Baiser Volé aims to arouse attraction and encourage people to come and kiss the neck of the wearer. It is a floral fragrance made of extreme finesse. This then fills the woman with desire and makes she a particularly attractive creature. Everything is conceived with transparency and mainly revolves around a powerful but elusive flower: the lily. On the other hand, although it is a kiss without preamble and without a future, do not believe that this perfume does not last over time. It displays exemplary tenacity, leaving behind an imperious, intoxicating and vibrant wake. Much more than an ode to love, Baiser Volé is an ode to life. It displays exemplary tenacity, leaving behind an imperious, intoxicating and vibrant wake. Much more than an ode to love, Baiser Volé is an ode to life. It displays exemplary tenacity, leaving behind an imperious, intoxicating and vibrant wake. Much more than an ode to love, Baiser Volé is an ode to life.

Baiser Volé, a carnal flower

Baiser Volé is a fragrance based on an extremely simple recipe. In addition, it aims to pay tribute to the beauty of the lily. A real exercise in olfactory style, he explores this flower in great detail and reveals it to us in all its facets. Thus, the lily appears to us powdery, crunchy, vanilla, transparent, carnal… The vegetal aspect of its stem is carefully highlighted. The tenderness of its petals is also highlighted. Finally, Baiser Volé has not neglected to work on the spicy aspect of its pistil. Everything is absolutely intoxicating, almost explosive. Baiser Volé is like the scent of a lily captured in the wild. It appears to be an olfactory drive on the skin. On the aesthetic side, it is contained in a bottle synonymous with all the grace and elegance of the Cartier house. This has an oval shape. It is at the same time simple, refined and sensual. Its transparency plays with the light as if to always magnify its juice a little more. The set is also embellished with a golden clasp pivoting on its side. Thus, connoisseurs will recognize a nod to the famous Cartier house lighters.

Since 2005, the great perfumer Mathilde Laurent has been leading her perfume organ in the sophisticated offices of the Cartier house as her appointed perfumer. At the head of an impressive number of creations which made great successes, Mathilde Laurent has never lost her creativity and demonstrates it once again with Baiser Volé, drawn like the faceted soliflore of a too little used lily.

Baiser Volé or the perfume of women made to please men!

Mathilde Laurent is an extraordinary perfumer. Out of the ordinary because already, she hates the norms. The standards of current perfumery are mainly directed towards ultra commercial criteria which curb the creativity of perfumers. Moreover, she readily rebels against these flowery scents which must absolutely be the essence of women, or nothing, to have any interest. A flowery perfume is not only sensual, it is not only ultra feminine and is not only composed of rose, jasmine or tuberose, let’s face it!

Based on this As a matter of fact, Mathilde Laurent wanted to offer feminine perfumery a flower which, unlike some, remains relatively unknown and relatively little used: the lily. Especially since the beautiful flower of kings seems particularly appreciated by these gentlemen, the perfume of seduction would not be more to offer it to the man of his dreams than for oneself?

“& nbsp; In my life as a perfumer, a lot of men told me about the lily as their favorite flower. But I find that if we want to seduce, we must address them, be the flower they love and not the flower that we think they like or the flower that we prefer and that we ask them to love. ” Mathilde Laurent on the subject of Baiser Volé.

Baiser Volé de Cartier or the lily in all its forms by Mathilde Laurent

Mathilde Laurent does not try to compose the usual perfumes that we smell in perfumery. For Baiser Volé, therefore, she wanted to offer a fragrance that would appeal to men, but also a simple and effective fragrance that would exhale the lily in its raw state, as found in nature. Like the great current perfumers such as Chanel, Mathilde Laurent will therefore explore for Baiser Volé a figurative flower, or even a flower that one could almost touch.

Each raw material added to the lily, its leaves and pistil must first and foremost highlight the beauty of each element of the flower. Thus the green note, obtained from galbanum, is added to the vegetal freshness of the lily leaf. As for the lily petal, it rubs against a delicately spiced carnation to give ardor and warmth to the delicate floral scent of this heart. Finally the white musks and vanillin highlight the powdery and warm powers of the pistil de lys.

“& nbsp; This is what I tried to capture: the feeling of putting your nose in a large bouquet of lilies, which nobody fails to do if they miss a large bunch of lilies! ” tells Mathilde Laurent about Baiser Volé.

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