Chanel Powder N ° 19 Eau de Parfum

N ° 19 Eau Poudrée: The Chanel woman, the daring elegance of noble Grasse materials …

Such masterpieces can even afford to be revisited at will, especially when the raw materials pushed by the winds of the scented land of Grasse provide new and sensational olfactory tracks … Jacques Polge and Chanel celebrate the second birth of “N ° 19” in 2011 with his worthy heir “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée”!

When n ° 19 is adorned with a delicate musky dress with Pallida iris signed Chanel

The second birth of the mythical “N ° 19” will be much more than an anecdote among the others, it will become the very object of the entire communication campaign that will be established in 2011 for the release of “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée”.

Indeed, iris-based powdery perfumes were on the rise with the release of “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée” in 2011. To such an extent that the famous Chanel house, like the great perfumer Jacques Polge, felt like “dispossessed” of the creation, “I found that many brands were inspired by N ° 19, and I wanted to rehabilitate the territory that belonged to us “says the perfumer.

Thus, thanks to this new scented composition, Chanel makes a double blow with a promotional film which traces with Jacques Polge the creation of” N ° 19 Eau Poudrée “while highlighting the famous Pallida iris that the brand is trying to save from globalization in Grasse.

As for the advertising visuals of “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée”, they will not be lost on the free and daring woman of the 70s while adapting a white purity reminiscent of that of the new white musks of the fragrance (and of the iris) coated. airy and silky green sails …

“N ° 19 Eau Poudrée” or the reinterpretation of a masterpiece by Polge

It was therefore necessary to innovate by proposing a new agreement for ” N ° 19 “while not disfiguring the masterpiece of audacity proposed in the midst of the libertarian revolution. What could be better than a perfume, in this case “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée” in order to use the fields of flowers of Grasse newly replanted by Chanel to offer one of the most legendary and luxurious materials of perfumery: iris Pallida.

So of course this famous Iris Pallida will be the central raw material of this new olfactory masterpiece which will launch out towards top notes of mandarin, Persian galbanum and green notes to better make its precious heart shine. Deliciously flowery, the heart notes coat the citrus freshness of the top with the powdery sweetness of Iris Pallida and jasmine absolute. Then this soft cottony cloud with the scent of flowers will trace its horizon in a woody trail of Haitian vetiver and tonka bean while exhaling in the magnificent depths of white musks.

& nbsp; “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different …” declared the sparkling Coco Chanel. And clearly this “N ° 19 Eau Poudrée” pays it a vibrant tribute of flowery and elegant joys. The iris Pallida which already marked “N ° 19” (Mademoiselle Coco’s day of birth) takes on all the splendor of its scents thanks to its conductor of the realization Jacques Polge who signs this perfumed reorchestration of a great classic of his talents as a virtuoso .

Released in 1970, “ N ° 19 ”is the number of elegance at the heart of the Chanel brand. Faced with this success, Jacques Polge decided in 2011 to revisit it by infusing it with the most powdery elegance with “N ° 19 Poudré”. As graceful as its elder, the fragrance “N ° 19 Poudré” is adorned here with iris, offering a powdery appearance, but also musky and silky. You should know that “N ° 19” is the last fragrance launched during Gabrielle Chanel’s lifetime. Hey his homage, Henri Robert wanted to call this perfume the “N ° 19” in reference to the day of his birth.

Jacques Polge signs a new tribute to Mademoiselle with the N ° 19 Poudré

It was in 1978 that Jacques Polge became the official perfumer of the Chanel house. He then succeeds Henri Robert, the father of “N ° 19”. Modest, Jacques Polge does not like people talking about him. With Gabrielle Chanel, he shares a taste for poetry and art and affirms “A painting, like a perfume, is a language. A poem in colors and shapes for the first, a poem in scents for the second “… Jacques Polge has succeeded in making an impression by giving a blow of punch to Chanel olfactory creations while respecting the elegance of Mademoiselle. Today his own son, Olivier Polge, succeeds him as the brand’s official perfumer. We owe to Jacques Polge great successes such as “Allure, 31 rue Cambon” or “Coco” by Chanel.

The iris Pallida at the heart of the perfume N ° 19 Poudré de Chanel

< p> Floral powdery-musky, “N ° 19 Poudré” begins with an association of neroli and mandarin. We notice the first traces of mandarin, about 3,000 years ago in the Middle East, mainly in China, where it is still very popular there. Moreover, the mandarin owes its name to its orange color which echoes that of the silk dresses of the mandarins, the high officials of the Chinese Empire. The first mandarin tree will arrive in France in 1800 and the whole Mediterranean will grow this little winter fruit, little by little. In perfumery, the essence of mandarin is obtained by cold expression of the zest of the fruit. Mandarin gives off tangy, sweet, sweet and zesty tones at the same time. Then, the heart of “N ° 19 Poudré” evolves towards ultra feminine notes, namely those of jasmine, combined with those of iris Pallida. Iris Pallida is one of the noblest, but also the most expensive, ingredients in perfumery. Also called “the blue gold of perfumery”, the Pallida iris offers powdery and flowery scents with slightly musky violet facets. It is the rhizomes of the iris that are exploited. Unfortunately its process is long (about 7 years), and delicate, which explains its price. Iris Pallida is mainly cultivated in Florence (Italy). The base of “N ° 19 Poudré” finally meets the sweetness and smoothness of white musks combined with vetiver and tonka bean.

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