Clinique 7 Day Scurb Daily Scrub Cream

Clinique 7 Day Scurb Daily Scrub Cream
Clinique 7 Day Scurb Daily Scrub Cream

Clinique 7 Day Scurb, a daily exfoliating cream to refine your skin

Clinique is a cosmetic brand that was created in 1968 by a trio of specialists. Today, it is an incredible empire of beauty which has managed to retain its spirit of initiative and its desire to preserve the beauty of the skin as long as possible. Each of Clinique’s care formulas is both very refined and particularly effective. Clinique products are both classic and daring. They reappropriate the great standards of beauty, and metamorphose them according to the latest scientific advances. Today, Clinique offers you to exfoliate your skin every day with the 7 Day Scurb Exfoliating Cream.

Erase your skin, what for?

Damaging your skin is absolutely essential to preserve its radiance and suppleness. Indeed, the epidermis is a complex system that is constantly renewing itself. If you don’t erase it regularly, a layer of dead cells builds up on its surface, which tends to dull the skin and make it rougher. What’s more, the build-up of sebum in the pores of the skin can oxidize on contact with air and form nasty impurities better known as blackheads. However, the exfoliation is usually practiced at a rate of one or two times per week maximum. Clinique has decided to transform your beauty routine, and has designed an exfoliating product that can be used every day to considerably refine your skin texture without altering or drying it out.

7 Day Scurb by Clinique, a revolutionary scrub

The 7 Day Scurb Exfoliating Creamsounds like a small revolution in the world of beauty. Indeed, this treatment can be used on all skin types. It is a perfecting solution which refines the skin texture, and which offers a real beauty treatment. Its gentle formula is very suitable for daily use. This product is a kind of hybrid between the care cream and the scrub. It helps to remove dead cells from the surface of your body and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Aggressive name, 7 Day Scurb Exfoliating Cream intensely purifies your skin. To see optimal effectiveness, all you need to do is apply it directly to your face, cleansed and removed beforehand. Then, gently massage your skin for a few minutes, and avoiding the area around your eyes. All you have to do is rinse your skin before applying your usual care. Freed from all these impurities in depth, your skin will only better absorb the care that you will apply to it.

For optimal beauty, know that Clinique also offers a Basic 3-Step beauty program. Coupled with the use of the 7 Day Scurb Exfoliating Cream, these treatments will give your skin a second youth!

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