Coach Coach Eau de Parfum

The first fragrance from Coach

With over 75 years of expertise in the luxury sector, it is this time in terms of scents that Coach New York seems to want to excel. Her very first perfume for women is a pure wonder, a condensation of poetry and femininity.

The poetry emanating from the Coach New York fragrance

This niche fragrance from Coach New York is not without echoing the brand leather goods as well as New York City. In addition, this is noticeable as soon as you see the bottle. This one has many details echoing Coach New York. All round, the latter is engraved in its center with the emblematic logo of the brand forming a carriage drawn by horses. A leather label is tied at the level of its collar as if to recall the one present on Coach New York handbags. Likewise, its vaporizer is formed by the emblematic closure of the brand bags in the form of a lock. The whole then contains a vibrant, feminine fragrance sewn with multiple contrasts. Its start is fruity and particularly energizing. Raspberry leaves are associated with pear as if to express all the vitamin dynamism of New York City. The whole is also still electrified by the presence of pink pepper. Then, it is a real surge of femininity that takes over. Coach New York’s scent is enveloped in a Turkish rose-based heart. Little by little, this poetic romanticism plunges into more sensuality. This composition ends with a trail blending musk and sandalwood.

The protagonists of this new creation from Coach New York

Several big names revolving around the perfume sector then participated in the development of this perfume. First of all, note that this one comes from a duo of perfumers made up of Juliette Karaguezouglou and Anne Flipo. Juliette Karaguezouglou has been devoting an inordinate passion to smells since a young age. Besides, his aunt was already working for Christian Dior. A graduate of the prestigious ISIPCA school, she is now one of the most renowned perfumers in the world. Anne Flipo displays a similar notoriety. Today, we can no longer count the number of planetary successes emanating from his laboratory. Their fragrance will therefore be embodied on screen by the seductive Chloé Grace Moretz. She has been the face of Coach New York since the spring of 2015. Despite her young age, she is not just starting out and already has a full CV. For the occasion, the latter was imaged in a campaign entirely produced by Steven Meisel.

Coach was above all a large leather goods house which made its success with worn and patinated models designed in a contemporary and lively spirit, like the United States of today, like New York all particularly. A city that perfectly symbolizes the Coach spirit, a city that will become the very symbol of the brand very first fragrance, Coach Eau de Parfum, which will be released in 2016 after 75 years of existence of the venerable bag label.

Coach Eau de Parfum or the vivacity of a New York dreamed of by Anne Flipo and Juliette Karagueuzoglou

After Hermès la grande saddlery, the American leather goods brand Coach decided to go into perfumery. Like its French competitor, Coach did not seek to reinvent itself in perfumes but rather to exalt its style, both vintage and ultra modern in a fragrance which perfectly symbolizes its universe.

To compose Coach Eau de Parfum, the label has brought together two talents from current perfumery: Anne Flipo and Juliette Karagueuzoglou. Thus, where the first makes a very floral figurative style, the second brings its modernity and fantasy, a charming shock duo that will therefore give birth to a Coach Eau de Parfum as elegant as it is spontaneous, as chic as it is very relaxed. / p>

Coach Eau de Parfum wants to symbolize the city woman, the woman of New York who wanders from morning to night in the streets to work by approaching a light but sophisticated attitude, a woman full of contrasts and mysteries too ambitious as it is delicate, as determined as it is romantic.

“A city resolutely in tune with the times, the lightness of New Yorkers, and above all, boundless freedom of mind… & nbsp; So many distinctive signs of the Big Apple that inspired Anne Flipo and Juliette Karagueuzoglou to imagine the first Coach fragrance. “& Nbsp; Vogue about the release of Coach Eau de Parfum.

The rich contrasts between sweet sparkles and musky sensualities of a first Coach female perfume

The two perfumers at the initiative Coach Eau de Parfum may be very different, but they are nonetheless perfectly complementary and they demonstrate it with this Coach Eau de Parfum which reveals its facets according to our desires, at the whim of the moment.

< p> First of all, Coach Eau de Parfum opens with sparkling notes of raspberry leaves and pink pepper. This dazzling start, perfectly symbolizing the energy of the “city that never sleeps”, will be tinted with a few juicy and fruity notes of pears. At the heart the favorite flowers of Anne Flipo arrive to better capture us with their charms and we are bewitched by the delicate waves of Turkish roses, gardenia and cyclamen. Finally the sensuality of the New Yorker comes to transport us in woody notes of sandalwood to better coat us with the warm softness of suede, musk and cashmere wood, reminding us, if need be, of the sweet pleasure of smells. Coach bags.

“Rich in contrasts, this fragrance opens with sparkling and luminous notes of raspberry, followed by the creaminess of Turkish Rose, and which vanish in favor of a sensual base of deer musk. “Coach for Coach Eau de Parfum.



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