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Courrèges in Blue, the most unique of Courrèges perfumes

Always driven by the same spirit of innovation and shift, Courrèges proposed Courrèges in Blue in 1983. Courrèges in Blue, is now a classic of atypical fragrances which made its way to a reissue requested to body and scream in 2014 .

Courrèges in Blue, the most unique of Courrèges perfumes

Courrèges is above all the symbol of a fashion that has stood out from all the codes of haute-couture to offer completely new lines that forever upset stylistic trends. Completely voluntarily, Courrèges perfumes followed the same “no-conduct” line by breaking, in the same way as the Courrèges miniskirt was debated, the codes of classic perfumery.

Courrèges in Blue, has nothing to envy to the originality of these illustrious predecessors. Released in 1983, Courrèges in Blue stands out completely from the perfumes of the same period. While “poisons” and other heady and toxic venoms are appearing in perfumery, Courrèges in Blue offers on the contrary aromatic scents both powerful and light which clash in this rather heady sphere.

Bringing lavender up to date in a cocktail of spices and green freshness, Courrèges in Blue is aimed at “women of character” in search of “an ideal of feminine purity”. Moreover this so pretty Courrèges in Blue, was so requested by its followers that it made a new very noticed release in 2014.

Lavender, ginger and patchouli for an aquatic floral with an original “Footprint”

Courrèges in Blue, was first of all adorned with an amphora bottle very different from the other perfumes of the brand. However, at his second birth in 2014, he decided to finally return to the emblematic Courrèges bottle in order to adorn it with a bright and sparkling blue color, at least as much as its fragrance. The very first composition of Courrèges in Blue was created by Edouard Fléchier then the second in 2014 by Nadège Le Garlantezec.

Courrèges in Blue launches its first dazzling notes of mandarin and galbanum, mingling with the disturbing and very Asian scent of ginger. Then the floral heart explodes in our nostrils in an aromatic Provençal spray of lavender magnified for the occasion of its rebirth thanks to the exceptional ethical Lavender Pure Gold, called “the blue gold of Provence”. Finally, like the signature of a Courrèges perfume, patchouli, sandalwood and musk bring their roundness and their deep sensuality to the wake of this perfume of character.

If the reformulation of certain great perfumes is not always welcome as it distorts the original scents, it seems that the second birth of Courrèges in Blue has received at least as many acclaim as its original version. Great perfume of the 80s, Courrèges in Blue, thanks to its originality and exceptional raw materials, has once again established itself with its high, fresh and quirky stature in the world of sweet and gourmet perfumery of the 2010s. .

Was it because he wanted to be truly different from the opulent scents of the day or just because he was fabulous? Courrèges in Blue is, without a doubt, one of the great perfumes of the perfumery of the 80s. Yet the beautiful Courrèges in Blue had disappeared from our shelves in the 90s, it will be reborn from the mouillettes of Nadège Le Garlantezec in 2014 for our greatest pleasure.

Courrèges in Blue and his two births in 1983 and 2014

The very first time it was Edouard Fléchier who gave birth to Courrèges in Blue in a strong breeze of lavender and fresh scents, very “fern”. Powerful aromatic scents that are undoubtedly different from the much more heady juices of the time, like a Poison that the great perfumer also gave birth to, two years later. Anyway Courrèges in Blue amazes and creates surprise by offering very feminine accords mixed with accords borrowed from male perfumery. Edouard Fléchier will have signed in 1983 a Courrèges in Blue which did not detract from its extraordinary success throughout the decade. And yet …

Despite its bestseller status, Courrèges in Blue ended up appearing only in the privacy of Courrèges boutiques. Knowing that the beautiful aromatic had not lost any of its aura, the Courrèges house, which was reborn from its ashes in the 2010s, asked Nadège Le Garlantezec to reformulate it.

This time, in 2014 , Courrèges in Blue will no longer hesitate to display its androgyneity between powerful flowers and rather masculine fern notes. The perfumer explains to Madame: “The result is quite mixed. I used masculine codes, but patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine bring a lot of sensuality and the result is very feminine ”.

L’Or Bleu from Courrèges in Blue and Nadège Le Garlantezec

So the magnificent perfume icon of the perfumery of the 80s and herald of Cool water and others, will be born in our perfume departments twice! Between the two versions of Courrèges in Blue, the change is effective because current legislation is strict with regard to the use of oak moss and animal raw materials, in particular.

However, the reformulation of Courrèges in Blue also enabled Nadège Le Garlantezec to highlight the major shares of Givaudan. Indeed, the company of perfumers has been offering ecological, economic and humanitarian partnerships for several years in order to collect more “responsible” raw materials. Courrèges in Blue thus particularly highlight the French lavender collected in the Drôme, the “Blue Gold” of the beautiful aromatic is now 100% French but also 100% ethical.

Around this heart“ Blue Gold ”, the dazzling top notes of citrus fruits and ginger will carry our senses where a large bouquet of delicate and sunny flowers will bring light. The sensual depths of patchouli, musk and sandalwood will become the velvet of this Courrèges in Blue which has definitely not aged a bit!

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