Courrèges perfume the Daughter of the Air

Courrèges perfume the Daughter of the Air
Courrèges perfume the Daughter of the Air

La Fille de l’Air de Courrèges, a volatile fragrance capable of taking you to the other side of the world

Courrèges is an atypical perfume brand. It is at the same time very popular while being far from the standards of current marketing. Above all, Courrèges follows his intuition and lets his imagination run wild.

This renowned brand does not develop fragrances according to trends but rather according to its emotions and its imagination. This time, to pay tribute to the ability of women to be in a thousand places at the same time, Courrèges has developed La Fille de l’Air . So, if you are one of those who dream of traveling the world with a single breath, it could be that this perfume is made for you …

La Fille de l’Air, a fragrance from here and elsewhere

Since 1965, the Courrèges house has supported women in their emancipation. It advocates freedom and has thus favored the development of the miniskirt or pant sets. Today, anxious to always fully satisfy its customers, the Courrèges brand has decided to target women in a hurry. Indeed, the daily life of Courrèges customers has changed considerably over the past decades. Now women must be here and elsewhere at the same time.

At the same time, they have to manage their professional life, their leisure activities, their family, etc. They also have a thousand dreams and a thousand ambitions. Thus, their daily life sometimes looks like a real race and women would almost dream of having the gift of ubiquity. The Daughter of the Air therefore transports them with a simple breath from one place to another on earth. It is a fragrance developed in collaboration with Air France. The two brands want to be the flagship of French excellence throughout the world. What is more, what more beautiful symbol than that of accompanying this fragrance with a partnership with an airline that crisscrosses the entire planet?

La Fille de l’Air, a bouquet of white flowers

La Fille de l’Air is a very poetic juice. It is based on a simple, short but very harmonious formula. Thus, as with his clothes, through this perfume, Courrèges goes to the essential. This juice stripped of all superfluous first takes off on a fresh and zesty scent of bergamot and neroli. His heart, meanwhile, plays more in the register of seduction.

The Air Girl from Courreges
The Air Girl from Courreges

It contains orange blossom transcended by a more modern and colorful neoprene accord. Finally, its trail ends with a woody, amber and airy combination of white musk and cedar. As usual, La Fille de l’Air is delivered to us in an aesthetic bottle typical of Courrèges perfumes. Its bottle forms a thick glass cylinder surmounted by a futuristic and disproportionate sphere. Its transparency is now tinted with an orange color which echoes the dynamism and optimism of this essence.

Courrèges launches a new feminine fragrance for summer 2015

The daughter of Air de Courrèges

Creation of the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin of the Firmenich group, this fragrance with tangy and flowery notes is meant to be fresh for the summer.

Fragrance – La Fille de l’Air de Courrèges

La Fille de l’Air de Courrèges opens with fresh notes of Calabrian bergamot associated with a flowery-green breath due to notes of neroli that highlight femininity. The story ends with a musky and ozonated base mixed with abstract neoprene chords reminiscent of the softness and invitation to travel of this edition.

Bottle & Case – The Air Girl

The Courrèges Visual Air Girl
The Courrèges Visual Air Girl

The Fille de l’Air is presented in a light gray case with orange writing, by sliding it reveals a bottle is in orange tinted glass with the logo of the house Courrèges in relief.

Olfactory Family: Fleuri – Hesperides

Head note: Calabrian bergamot

Heart note: Nèroli

Base notes: Musk, neoprene accord

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