Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect

Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect
Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect

Women have many strengths. Nonetheless, their natural beauty would be nothing without a real ember look. Also, mascara has for many become a miracle product that is very difficult to do without. There is now something for everyone and the design houses compete in ingenuity to transform your eyes into a real doe gaze . More volume, more length, more curvature,… There is something for all tastes and for all desires. Also, Dior has not escaped this trend and this time unveils its Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect.

The Diorshow Mascara range from Dior

Diorshow Mascara is a collection of mascaras that seems to have brought together all the virtuosity, ingenuity and creativity of the house of Dior in tubes of mascara. Very inspired by the needs in terms of make-up of the backstage of the catwalks, these little miracle products seem capable of multiplying the gaze to infinity, providing a real 3D effect. Also, the brand’s technical advances also make it possible to constantly improve the capacity of these products. This is why the Diorshow Mascara Eyelash Addition Effect range is reinvented year after year to always lengthen your lash lines a little more.

Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect, the 2015 Grand Cru

Like a cuvée of wine from the greatest estates, Diorshow mascaras are always eagerly awaited by fans of the Dior house. Also, Diorshow Mascara Adding Lash Effect is the cuvée of 2015. This professional mascara delivers here a new generation formula enriched with microfibers. It reproduces the effect provided by additions of eyelashes used by make-up artists during Haute Couture fashion shows. What is more, its effectiveness is not limited to its product as such but also extends to its bottle.

Indeed, it is equipped with an “Air Lock” wringer patented by Dior and limiting the contact of the formula with the air. Diorshow Eyelash Addition Effect mascara does not dry out and its application remains optimal day after day. Finally, something unusual enough to be underlined, the Diorshow Mascara Effect Addition of Eyelashes comes in eight different shades, enough to give free rein to your overflowing imagination.

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