Dylan Blue Eau de Parfum for Women Versace

The fragrance Versace Dylan Blue Femme

It is a fragrance with a marked, singular character, the embodiment of man’s strength and charisma. Today, this seducer seems to have found the perfect fit and this scented creation has, as such, a feminine counterpart. Versace is currently presenting the female version of this juice. Focus on Dylan Blue pour Femme, a fragrance scheduled for release in fall 2017.

The very refined aesthetic of the Dylan Blue perfume bottle for Women

First of all, let’s start by focusing on the bottle of Dylan Blue for Women. Do you know the story of Medusa? This mythological character has unparalleled beauty. Yet the mere act of meeting his gaze could petrify you forever. Never mind, Gianni Versace saw it as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and chose to adorn each of his creations with this mythological character! He made it the logo of his house and the jellyfish seems, since that day, to embody the reality of an Italian success. Dylan Blue pour Femme comes in a timeless bottle decorated with the house logo. Embellished with a deep and bewitching blue hue, it plays on contrasts. He dares a neck and a golden cabochon of the most refined. Likewise, Versace’s jellyfish is displayed, it too, in this color. Unlike its male counterpart, Dylan Blue pour Femme plays with rounded shapes. Thus, it perfectly materializes feminine voluptuousness and generosity. Moreover, it is also delivered in a cylindrical packaging, the circle of which is drawn by a geometric frieze similar to those that could be found in Roman temples.

Dylan Blue pour Femme, a fragrance that is both floral and woody

If the visual of Dylan Blue pour Femme opposes blue and gold, its scent combines a floral breath and woody nuances. Dylan Blue pour Femme clearly plays on contrasts and this is where its power comes from. It first takes off on a fresh and fruity note of blackcurrant and apple sorbet. Thus, Dylan Blue pour Femme is a fragrance that does not lack liveliness. Then, he lets all his femininity shine through in a heart of rose and jasmine. These two emblematic flowers of feminine perfumery only add to the poetry of this perfume. This authentic and carnal scent is also coated with a more fluffy and velvety peach. Finally, contrasting with this apparent clarity, Dylan Blue pour Femme takes on a darker and woody trail. It s

The Versace house, founded by Gianni Versace who died dramatically in 1997, has always been synonymous with quirky creations, grandiloquent universes where excess is the key word. Donatella Versace became mistress of the place, the creations of the house will be as innovative as they are spectacular. The same will apply in perfumery and the magnificent Dylan Blue pour Homme released in 2016, like the brilliant Dylan Blue pour Femme born in 2017, cannot deny it, on the contrary!

Dylan Blue Pour Femme or the scent of a strong and independent woman signed by perfumer Calice Becker

Spectacular, grandiose, definitely and outrageously offbeat, the creations of the house of Versace do not lack adjectives to be defined. Not to mention that after the tragic disappearance of the legendary founder of the house, Donatella Versace was able to breathe into this extraordinary spirit a breath of innovation and modernity that turned fashion and Versace perfumes upside down.

Dylan Blue pour Homme, released in 2016, was precisely one of the most representative perfumes of this nonconformist spirit of renewal which is part of the strength of a woody trail as well as the softness and freshness of a few more traditional floral citrus notes. . Dylan Blue’s Man is definitely the man who best embodies the Versace spirit of the new millennium.

His female alter ego would have to be as charismatic and strong as her man, asking to visionary and inspired perfumer Calice Becker, this will be done with Dylan Blue pour Femme in 2017.

“Union. Strength. Sensuality and elegance. An alchemy of irresistible notes that dance, ignite, meet and kiss. »Versace on Dylan Blue Pour Femme.

A blackcurrant apple sorbet, delicate flowers and intense woods for a unique Dylan Blue Pour Femme scent

The woman in the Dylan bottle Blue Pour Femme is seen as a unique person, who dares her independence and signs her elegance with agreements that are unlike anyone else. Thus Calice Becker will compose a juice for this Versace bottle which, too, will not hesitate to play with contrasts between freshness and heat, between delicacy and strength, to be carried away by still unpublished notes such as the spicy green note “Givaudan molecule Shisolia ”or even the note“ Givaudan molecules Pétalia® and Rosyfolia® ”.

Thus Dylan Blue Pour Femme opens with fruity and fresh notes of blackcurrant and apple, evoked in the bottle like a colorful and refreshing sorbet. Then in the heart, rose and jasmine blend in the velvety of a peach which offers all the extent of its sweetness to these pretty flowers so delicate and so feminine. Finally, the woody notes of white wood, musk, patchouli and the note of styrax form a sensual and mysterious whole which captivates us and imprisons us in its swirls as bright as they are contrasted.

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