Eau de parfum In Love with You Armani

In Love with you, Armani’s romance

“From the first moment,” explained Giorgio Armani, “Emporio was my field of experimentation.” By observing life in its reality, I understood which direction to take. The collection has a youthful feel, but it’s not just for 20-year-olds, but more for those who feel young at any age with a certain elegance. The Emporio Armani clothing collections were then enriched with perfumes, like Stronger With You and Because It’s You, an olfactory couple born in 2017. However, it is precisely those who are reinventing themselves today. The feminine fragrance of this duo becomes In Love With You, a juice for women that is even more fiery and passionate than before.

In Love With You, when feelings of love increase creativity tenfold,

Like its predecessor, and as its name suggests, the fragrance In Love With You speaks to us of love. It evokes the power of emerging feelings. With him, the woman who wears this perfume is encouraged to surpass herself and reveal the best of her personality to the world. In Love With You by Emporio Armani is a concentration of adrenaline. With it, the body vibrates with an intense thrill and increases energy tenfold. In Love With You is aimed at young people “whose hearts beat in unison.” It is akin to a feeling aroused by a fresh and exciting romantic relationship. More than ever, with this new composition, Emporio Armani is raising the temperature a notch!

When Emporio Armani delicately mixes fruits and flowers

Giorgio Armani has bet on a floral and fruity alliance to talk to us about love through perfume. Thus, In Love With You first reveals the portrait of a sparkling woman full of joie de vivre. Its top notes contain cherry, raspberry, and blackcurrant. This tangy delicacy gives way to more romanticism. The heart of In Love With You is a sophisticated blend of rose and jasmine absolute. Absinthe then joins the party and brings an additional dose of bitterness. Finally, In Love With You ends with patchouli‘s dark and deep base. The result is a very contrasting fragrance, as tender as it is passionate, a pledge of tenderness and explosiveness.

The delicate allure of the perfume In Love With You

In Love With You takes the look of its predecessor and invites itself in a refined and elegant bottle. Its transparent base is topped with a rounded and opaque cap. Its glass reveals the femininity of a tender pink juice. Finally, metallic rings decorate its collar. They evoke two bodies that intertwine gently and once again echo the effervescence of a love story. So what are you waiting for to let yourself be carried away by this tender olfactory romance?

The beautiful high-end label created by Giorgio Armani has also been able to offer magnificent perfumes such as Acqua di Gio or, more recently, for its ladies, Armani Si. By opening a fashion department devoted exclusively to young people called Emporio Armani in the 2000s, the house of Armani once again demonstrated that she knew how to capture the zeitgeist and the desires of lovers of the label.

It was evident that Emporio Armani had to offer perfumes that would match his modern and romantic spirit.

In Love with You, when the joy of living mingles with crazy love.

In 2007 Emporio Armani offered two new duo fragrances: Emporio Armani Diamonds for Her and Him, exhaling a freshness and increased brightness. In 2017, and after many other beautiful bottles, Emporio Armani will return with a sublime perfumed couple named Because it’s you for the ladies and Stronger with You for the men.

While in 2019, men will have the pleasure of discovering a Stronger with Intensely more gourmet and sensual than ever, women will also be able to rediscover this great Armani absinthe perfume in this In Love With You, perfumed son of Because It’s You.

De Because it’s You, the perfumer said to La Dépêche. This is a floral fruity that is lively, sparkling, and carnal. It is the perfect mix between an assumed seduction and the smile, the game. This perfume seeks to translate all the complexity of femininity beyond the clichés & nbsp; ”.

What will say then the so great creator perfume about its successor, In Love With You? Very likely that In Love with You seeks to highlight this new sparkling and gourmet femininity which is dressed in precious flowers to shine with an absolute aura. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Potent absinthe, delicate flowers, and gourmet fruits for an In Love with You with absolute femininity

Because It’s You was presented as a fruity and floral juice made as soft and sweet with a note of raspberry as feminine and sensual by a robust rose and vanilla depths sprinkled with hazelnut (a standard signature with the masculine Stronger with You). & nbsp;

For this new opus, In Love with You, the Emporio Armani house wished to keep the same column vertebral as for Because it’s you of raspberry-pink-vanilla, but on the other hand, she sought to intensify the contrasts between fruity notes and floral notes.

So from the start, In Love With You hits us with a wind of red fruits as greedy as they are precious, built around raspberries, blackcurrants, and cherries. Then in the heart, the rose is magnified by the jasmine, while the touch of absinthe offers a spicy and vegetal freshness to these feminine flowers. Finally, the patchouli coats the fruits and flowers in its woody, creamy, intense, and sensual smoothness.


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