Eau de parfum La Fille de l’Air Courrèges

The girl in the air, the choice of simplicity

In the midst of a moral revolution, the Courrèges house, for its part, gradually disrupts the ladies’ outfits. Mini-skirts, trapeze dresses, trouser sets… 50 years later, the world has changed and women’s daily lives have changed too. The Courrèges woman of today has several lives, several ambitions and dreams from elsewhere. “The girl in the air” is a subtle and rare composition, in the image of feminine beauty.

The girl in the air, the choice of simplicity

The air girl is airy , with a simple and refined line, like the first Courrèges mini-skirts. Created by Fabrice Pellegrin, “the girl in the air” looks like a luminous and voluptuous flower. The fragrance begins with an overdose of Calabrian white bergamot, combined with bitter orange neroli. The heart seduces thanks to the orange blossom absolute. Finesse, delicacy, subtlety… The modern harmony of neoprene enriches the whole and brings “The girl of the air” towards more softness. The base loaded with amber and white musks comforts and brings depth to the composition. Finally, the woody notes of cedar leave an indelible imprint, like a second skin …

Air France and the air girl

Courrèges and Air France have joined forces to launch this fragrance . The common values ​​of these two companies refer to good taste, French chic and also the need for escape. Air France is therefore committed to distributing samples of “the girl in the air” on its “long-haul” flights. You should know that these are Courrèges outfits that dress the models of the last Air France campaign. The company was really very seduced by “the girl in the air” especially by the olfactory journey offered by Courrèges. Air France has recognized in this perfume, an elegant and subtle woman, perhaps the one who runs through her lines… “The girl in the air” is a mixture between the desire to be here and the desire to be elsewhere. To be able to evaporate and leave an irresistible wake,

A true invitation to travel, “La fille de l’air” is an airy, refined fragrance. The Courrèges woman is sweet, sexy, she loves travel and gets away from it all when she wants. Proud of its beginnings, the Courrèges house takes pleasure in revealing the woman of today, as it inspired that of the 1960s… Courrèges is the symbol of an era. In partnership with Air France, Courrèges presents “the girl in the air” on the company’s flights. Subtle but so simple, the composition of “La fille de l’air” is a real invitation to escape to unknown lands. Attention “The girl of the air” is there or we do not expect it …

Released in 2015, “ La Fille de l’Air ”takes us on a journey to the heart of light, airy, subtle and ultra-feminine olfactory sensations. Because women today have several lives, Courrèges imagined “La Fille de l’Air”. The latter is constantly moving towards happiness. Between personal, social and professional life, today’s woman travels from one world to another … For women who both want to be here and to be elsewhere, “ La Fille de l’Air ”accompanies them for their greatest happiness.

Fabrice Pellegrin at the helm of La Fille de l’Air

Son of a perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin is a true lover of perfumery. He likes to work with natural materials, whether they are floral, woody or amber, and he avoids working with synthetic molecules as much as possible. After having been trained by the Robertet house, Fabrice Pellegrin was hired by Firmenich, world No. 2 in the perfume industry. In 2017, at the age of 48, Fabrice Pellegrin received an Oscar from the professional magazine “Cosmétique Mag” which pays tribute to him for “his exceptional creativity which is the source of many successes” … To compose “La Fille de l ‘ Air “, Fabrice Pellegrin has chosen orange blossom as his heroine and affirms” There are perfumes that we put on in the morning and which make, all day long, we are asked what we wear … The Girl Air is of that… ”

Simplicity around orange blossom

Mediterranean flower par excellence, orange blossom is the symbol of fertility. It is also a flower often present in weddings, as in ancient times it adorned the crowns of brides. The fragrant little white flower has many relaxing and aphrodisiac properties! In perfumery, the orange blossom absolute is highly prized by the nose, because it brings luminosity, femininity as well as fruity tones with an apricot scent… “La Fille de l’Air” takes off on an overdose of Calabrian white bergamot, joined by bigarade neroli. The heart is full of solar luminosity thanks to the orange blossom, soft and sensual. The base of “La Fille de l’Air” is woody and delicately sensual thanks to the presence of Atlas cedar and white musks, leaving a trail similar to that of a second skin. Courrèges has teamed up with Air France for the launch of “La Fille de l’Air”. The airy fragrance is therefore naturally present on all Air France long-haul flights.

For women who like to be there and elsewhere, Courrèges presents“ La Fille de l’Air ”. At the same time aerial, subtle and feminine, the composition of “La Fille de l’Air” was masterfully conducted by Fabrice Pellegrin.


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