Eau de parfum Oud Wa Ward Berdoues

The Berdoues Grand Cru Collection

This gave birth to three fragrances named Oud Wa Misk, Oud Wa Vanillia and Oud Wa Ward. All three pay homage to this precious wood and work on it in different ways. Also, it is more precisely on the Oud Wa Ward version, loaded with Turkish roses, that our attention has been drawn here.

The Berdoues Grand Cru Collection

The Oud Wa Ward perfume is part of a collection that came to life in 2014 and named Grand Cru. The latter brings together prestigious perfumes created from the finest raw materials offered by our planet. Like great wines, each of the juices from this collection tells the story of the terroir from which it comes. To do this, the perfumers of Berdoues have traveled the globe in search of the most emblematic materials and plants of certain regions. They have made exceptional perfumes from them. These rare Colognes are the results of multi-generational know-how and more than 100 years of expertise. These are original and innovative creations of incomparable quality. To do this, Berdoues has aged its perfumes in vats and these are the result of unusually long maceration. This gives them more power, character and personality. As such, Oud Wa Ward is made from a Turkish rose with exacerbated femininity as well as oud wood, a prestigious ingredient whose price sometimes exceeds that of gold.

The oriental seduction of Oud Wa Ward

Oud Wa Ward is, as the name suggests, a perfume made from oud wood from Thailand. This is a subversive ingredient and highly prized in luxury perfumeries. However, its exorbitant price does not seem to hold back perfumers who are particularly fond of its many facets. In addition, oud wood is renowned for its woody, leathery and animal trail. This does not result directly from the wood itself but rather from the resin produced by a tree when it is infected with a species of fungus. Only a few plant species are able to produce this substance. What is more, the cultivation of it requires extreme patience. Never mind, nothing seems too beautiful to sublimate Berdoues perfumes! At the same time, Oud Wa Ward is also responsible for femininity. It contains Turkish rose, a flower considered to be the queen of elegance and romanticism. Nevertheless, the whole thing vanishes in a sustained and vibrant wake full of patchouli. Rose and oud wood are two seemingly opposing ingredients and yet unveil an absolutely sensual harmony here. Oud Wa Ward is a juice of unparalleled quality, ideally designed for women who assume their sensuality and their seductive side.

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