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Acqua di Gio, a fragrance from a Mediterranean island

Also, if you are impatient to be on vacation or if the last ones are already far behind you, this perfume could well seduce you. It is like a trip to the heart of the Mediterranean. No need to pack your bags, Armani takes you to a place between sea and land with a single breath!

Acqua di Gio, a fragrance from a Mediterranean island

Acqua di Gio is a juice whose origins come from the island of Pantelleria. It is a small piece of Italian land, close to Tunisia and with an area of ​​around 80 squares. This is located in the center of the Sicilian Channel and emerges from the volcanic power of this region. Also, it is in this place that Giorgio Armani has got into the habit of recharging his batteries between two creations. Similar to a small paradise, this land depicts a landscape where sky and water become one. The sun warms the atmosphere there while the sea sculpts its landscape. It is therefore a tribute to this unique place that the Armani house wanted to create. She thus seems to have captured the natural strength of this place to transmit it to women day after day. Like the water bordering this place, Acqua di Gio is an essence that can just as easily be perceived in its calmest and most tumultuous facet. Acqua di Gio is a concentrate of holidays and memories that call for escape. It allows you to feel elsewhere on a daily basis while staying at home. Indeed, Giorgio Armani himself said: “I like to travel but I don’t like to leave”. He thus found, thanks to Acqua di Gio, the miracle cure to his problem, enclosing a sumptuous airy and aquatic essence in a cube of purified glass. like to travel but I don’t like to leave ”. He thus found, thanks to Acqua di Gio, the miracle cure to his problem, enclosing a sumptuous airy and aquatic essence in a cube of purified glass. like to travel but I don’t like to leave ”. He thus found, thanks to Acqua di Gio, the miracle cure to his problem, enclosing a sumptuous airy and aquatic essence in a cube of purified glass.

The vegetal freshness of Giorgio Armani’s favorite island

To relate this memory in an olfactory way, the Armani house called on Françoise Caron. She chose to start her recipe with the unexpected presence of sweet peas. These are associated with an accord similar to that of sea spray. Thus, Acqua di Gio immediately displays its contrasting tones, playing as much in the register of the sweet as the salty. Then, her heart evolves towards more femininity and offers us a huge bouquet of flowers. This contains in particular freesia, jasmine and hyacinth. This floral and limpid trio is then completed by the sweet and fruity presence of muscat grapes. Then, Acqua di Gio is subtly more woody. He lets a musky and carnal wake float behind him, showing more intensely his sensual side. On the bottle side, its emerald green color says a lot about its maritime affiliation. The whole is also surmounted by a kind of golden pebble similar to a sun coming to light up the sea.

The house Giorgio Armani has always offered women refined and modern fragrances like the pretty Gio signed by the great Françoise Caron in 1992. It is also starting from this fruity floral and strolling in the iodized memories of Giorgio Armani that Edouard Fléchier had the inspiration for the composition of the one who would brilliantly succeed Gio, Acqua di Gio pour Femme.

Acqua di Gio, the wonderful successor of Gio born in 1992

If history and sales in perfumery have paid much more homage to the male version of Acqua di Gio that to the female version released a year ago, that’s not really fair. Indeed Acqua di Gio for women had more than one scented asset in its bottle, what is more, it wanted to be very innovative in relation to the perfumes of the time.

At the origin of the birth of ‘Acqua di Gio pour Femme, there was first of all its brilliant predecessor, the beautiful floral-fruity created by Françoise Caron in 1992, Gio, created to translate the image of the “Armani woman” into a fragrance. To these soft and refined scents, the designer wanted to add his olfactory memories of his beloved lands in the south of the island of Pantelleria, bordered by iodines and flowers. Thus the creator of Acqua di Gio pour Femme, Edouard Fléchier, brought together the flowers and fruits of Gio and the precious salty notes that the couturier wanted in a bottle that will naturally be called Acqua di Gio pour Femme.

Acqua di Gio pour Femme will quickly prove to be a successful perfume. So much so that the following year the Armani house launched on the market its male alter ego composed by Alberto Morillas, the famous and now cult Aqua di Gio pour Homme .

Acqua di Gio for Woman, a fragrant journey to the land of Giorgio Armani

Like its male counterpart, Acqua di Gio pour Femme has fun transporting us to Giorgio Armani’s lands of escape while shifting us sometimes towards sweet notes and sometimes towards salty notes.

Thus Acqua di Gio pour Femme opens with fruity and velvety notes of peach and melon while already letting us taste the spray thanks to the marine note. Like the pretty Gio a few years ago, the heart of Acqua di Gio takes us to the flowery beauties of rose, jasmine, freesia and hyacinth without forgetting to prick us with some rather original scented peas. The hedione gives these flower scents its dynamic and airy dimension. Finally musk, sandalwood, amber and styrax present themselves in the depths of Acqua di Gio as if to better bring us back from the freshness of the sea to the scorching and so sensual lands of the Mediterranean.

“[…] Acqua Di Giò for women is meant to be the scent of freedom. Hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley combine with musk, amber and sandalwood for a fresh and light sweet and savory. The freshness of the sea air on a warm country background, sprinkled with fruity notes… ”Cosmopolitan for Acqua di Gio Woman, Girogio Armani.

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