Eau de toilette L’Air du Paradis Nina Ricci

A new air of paradise at Nina Ricci

Among the greatest perfumes of this period, there are still some testimonies that have survived through the ages. Nina Ricci’s Air of Time is one of the most famous essences of this decade. Created in 1948, it still makes the happiness of thousands of women around the world. Today, as if to pay homage to them, it is reinventing itself and adopting a more spring scent. Focus on L’Air du Paradis by Nina Ricci.

The return of a great classic by Nina Ricci

L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci is a very symbolic fragrance. Indeed, this is the brand first creation just after the war. Therefore, it is heavy with symbol and celebrates the joy of regained freedom. It materializes the image of a Paris full of ambition and in search of renewal. Fully in line with the effervescence of its time, it reflects an incomparable dynamism and a desire to embrace life to the fullest. L’Air du Temps is not just a perfume. It also delivers a strong message. This juice has survived through the ages and does not seem to have lost any of its former splendor.

L’Air du Paradis, a floral and fruity fragrance

On the olfactory level, L’Air du Paradis is a concentrate of exoticism, both floral and fruity. It first takes off on an alliance of passion fruit and lime. This tangy freshness is then relayed by a more floral heart mixing tropical flowers with jasmine and frangipani. Finally, the whole darkens at its base. L’Air du Paradis ends with a woody scent of cedar. The set is the work of the talented perfumer Calice Becker.

Nina Ricci reveals her desires for paradisiacal exoticism

L’Air du Paradis is a modern derivative of L’Air du Temps that takes on the exotic. Even though it preserves the original theme of these 1948 perfumes, it adds a more tropical and solar part to it. It becomes a true paradise, which one can easily imagine traversed by fairy birds and tropical flowers. However, this is precisely all that can be found on its packaging. Its pretty cardboard box is particularly colorful. It is the work of designer Martyna Zoltaszek. Based in Bristol, this talented artist is now famous around the world for her dreamy landscapes and numerous botanical motifs. Martyna Zoltaszek is very often inspired by the subtleties of nature and offers us works that are always very detailed and vibrant in color. VS ‘is therefore precisely all that we find on the new packaging of L’Air du Paradis. This highlights countless plants and birds. The bottle of L’Air du Paradis, for its part, has borrowed the sensual curves of its predecessor L’Air du Temps. It is a limpid glass tourbillon in perpetual motion, now decorated with a yellow-orange gradient. Similar to a beating sun, it is overlooked by two doves which seem to suspend their flight. an orange-yellow gradient. Similar to a beating sun, it is overlooked by two doves which seem to suspend their flight. an orange-yellow gradient. Similar to a beating sun, it is overlooked by two doves which seem to suspend their flight.

For Robert Ricci, founder of the haute couture and perfumery house Nina Ricci, perfume was an act of love… With Air du Temps and its joyful and luminous scents, Robert Ricci offered to women of the after- war of love in a bottle and happiness in perfume. Having become a cult and so representative of this era, l’Air du Temps has been able to transform and be reborn through the recompositions proposed by renowned perfumers. In 2018 L’Air du Temps, once again worked on by Calice Becker, will become the Air of Paradise, demonstrating if necessary still that the great classics never go out of fashion …

When the Air of Time becomes the Air of Heaven thanks to the talents of Calice Becker for Nina Ricci

If the haute couture house of Robert Ricci was born in the 1930s, the great love for perfumery of its founder made him abandon couture in the 1940s in favor of the sole creation of perfumes. From the first bottles, Robert Ricci offers joy and flowers with absolute femininity which will be part of traditional perfumery as well as a certain modernity. L’Air du Temps, proposed in 1948, will be a perfect example of this marriage between past and present, between classic accords and olfactory innovations.

But l’Air du Temps is not only a magnificent perfume , it is also a fragrance that aims to be light and joyful, totally designed to appeal to women who, after years of war, want freedom and independence. . The Air du Temps quickly won the hearts of a large audience and above all became one of the most timeless perfumes of its generation.

L’Air du Temps is definitely the bestseller of Nina Ricci perfumes, even 70 years after its release. As a result, the house is pleased to offer it to us in different days, such as with the sublime reinterpretations of Calice Becker for the Lumière Collection of 2016 or his magnificent The Air of Heaven of 2018.

The Air of Paradise, the fruity and floral scents modernize the great classic of Nina Ricci

L’Air du Temps is a fragrance so timeless, so rich and so complete that ‘he can afford all the daring, all the modernities. Calice Becker had already worked on it in 2016 to offer three bottles that would represent the different times of the day (Dawn, Zenith and Twilight). In 2018, she is offering the Air du Temps a new journey which this time will be geographic thanks to the exotic notes from paradisiacal islands that she will add to offer us the Air du Paradis in a limited edition.

L’Air du Paradis retains the freshness of the departure of its so dear ancestor, but this time these notes will be much more exotic thanks to the lime and the sweet and sweet passion fruits which for the first time dare to offer to the Air du Temps. fruity notes. Then in the heart, the precious jasmine remains but will be dressed in floral, sunny and opulent notes of frangipani flowers and Mahonia Japonica, flowers native to Thailand. The sensual and woody depths of the Air of Time will be preserved in order to offer this Air of Paradise a burning heat that will blend wonderfully with these new paradisiacal scents .


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